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The Supreme Court took no action on Friday on several cases regarding marriage equality petitioned for review by the court. The high court's nine justices met in conference on Friday to discuss whether the court would hear arguments on multiple challenges to the Defense of Marriage Act and to California's Proposition 8. Shortly after 3:30 p.m. an order posted ... [Read]

A federal court ruled Thursday against the right of same-sex couples to marry in a decision that said Nevada can legally limit marriage to between a man and a woman. The 41-page ruling in Sevcik v. Sandoval comes after Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund filed the lawsuit in April seeking marriage rights for eight same-sex couples in the state. ... [Read]

As the White House and Congress continue to engage in heated battle over budget cuts and tax rates, activists warn that going over the "fiscal cliff" would result in a series of cuts to federal programs that support LGBT Americans. In a new report published by the Center for American Progress and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, the ... [Read]

The Obama administration marked the upcoming World AIDS Day by releasing plans for combating and defeating AIDS around the world. During an appearance at the State Department this morning, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton unveiled a strategy titled "The President"s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) Blueprint: Creating an AIDS-free Generation." The 54-page blueprint comes two days before World ... [Read]

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton reaffirmed her commitment to increasing acceptance of LGBT people around the world during a speech at the State Department today, but remained silent on concerns that continue to mount regarding an anti-gay bill in Uganda. Addressing a group of about 200 people celebrating the 20th anniversary of the founding of Gays and Lesbians in ... [Read]

Following a series of challenges to "ex-gay" reparative therapy practices across the country, Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier (Calif.) introduced a resolution this morning urging Congress to condemn what has been characterized as junk science by the mainstream medical community. At her Nov. 28 press conference on Capitol Hill, Speier announced the resolution, calling on states to follow California's lead, ... [Read]

The same woman who made history earlier this month as the first out transgender person ever elected as a state legislator will step down amid questions over her legal past. According to Nashau Patch, New Hampshire State Representative-Elect Stacie Laughton will resign her seat after it was revealed she served more than four months in prison in 2008 for conspiracy ... [Read]

The fight against "ex-gay" conversion therapy continued in New Jersey today, where former patients of a group that promised to convert people from gay to straight filed a lawsuit in the Superior Court of New Jersey. Four young men and two of their parents filed the lawsuit against the founder of Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing (JONAH), Arthur Goldberg, ... [Read]

One of the country's most acclaimed actors is lending his voice to the fight for marriage equality in a new ad produced by the Human Rights Campaign. Morgan Freeman narrates the 30-second ad, which began airing on Sunday. Invoking the women's suffrage movement and the civil rights movement, the ad asserts that the fight for the right of same-sex couples ... [Read]

Activists and LGBT leaders across the globe are marking the 14th annual Transgender Day of Remembrance today as a means to raise awareness of the violent hate crimes perpetrated against transgender people and to remember those lost over the past year. Held every year on Nov. 20, the vigil was founded by transgender advocate Gwendolyn Ann Smith to honor Rita ... [Read]

In a column published by The Hill this afternoon, California Rep. Mike Honda (D) called on his fellow lawmakers to pass broad immigration reform that incorporates same-sex couples. According to Honda, the need for comprehensive and bipartisan immigration reform is now, but such reform must be inclusive to the continued struggles that same-sex couples face. Following President Barack Obama's re-election ... [Read]

Oregon became the first state to elect an out lesbian speaker of a state legislature on Thursday in what was another victory for LGBT candidates on the state level. State Rep. Tina Kotek was elected by her fellow Democrats as speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives yesterday. Although Kotek's election must be formally ratified when the Legislature convenes in ... [Read]

President Barack Obama nominated seven judges to the federal bench today, including the president's first out African-American nominee.  Judge William L. Thomas was nominated by Obama on Wednesday to the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida. In a statement, Obama called on the Senate to promptly consider his nominees as too many courtroom benches remain unfilled. ... [Read]

Proponents of marriage equailty are facing another delay as the Supreme Court pushed back when it will consider which cases related to same-sex marriage the high court will hear. Although many same-sex-marriage supporters had their sights set on Nov. 20, when the nine Supreme Court justices were originally scheduled to meet in conference to decide whether to take up ... [Read]

Krysten Sinema was declared the winner in the House race for Arizona's 9th Congressional District on Monday. According to the Associated Press, Sinema, who will become the first out bisexual member of Congress, won her race against Republican Vernon Parker. The Arizona Democrat will represent a new Phoenix-area district created after the 2010 Census. The race had been too close ... [Read]

The president of the anti-gay Family Research Council is predicting "revolution" following a clean sweep of historic victories for the LGBT-rights movement on Election Day.  Tony Perkins, who has long railed against the rights of LGBT Americans and helped draft the Republican Party's anti-gay national party platform, has taken to the airwaves with rhetoric apocalyptic in tone following the re-election of ... [Read]

Election Day ushered in what many leaders are describing as a new era for the LGBT-rights movement, with historic victories that nearly doubled the number of out legislators on Capitol Hill and legalized same-sex marriage in three new states. While historic in scope, overshadowed by many of those victories were wins for more than 110 LGBT candidates at the state ... [Read]

With the re-election of President Barack Obama, gains in LGBT representation in Congress, and four victories for marriage equality at the ballot box, advocates are declaring Election 2012 to be a watershed moment for the LGBT-rights movement. The victories from Maryland to Wisconsin and Washington were so decisive and so expansive many are speculating whether the game has changed entirely ... [Read]

Marriage equality appears to be safe from repeal in Iowa as Democrats maintained a majority in the state Senate on Tuesday. The Democratic majority in the Senate, which stands at 26 to 23 Republicans, likely means that attempts by conservatives in the state to pass a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage will be unsuccessful for at least another two years. ... [Read]

The number of out members of Congress is set to increase to historic levels following a series of wins during the Nov. 6 election. When the 113th Congress convenes in January 2013, Democrats Mark Pocan of Wisconsin and Sean Patrick Maloney of New York will become the latest LGBT Americans to serve in Congress. California Democrat Mark Takano, who ... [Read]

In what was a series of decisive victories for LGBT Americans on Election Day, President Barack Obama won re-election shortly after polls closed on the West Coast Nov. 6, securing wins in key battleground states and defeating Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. At 11:18 p.m., CNN projected Obama would win Ohio, pushing him over the 270 electoral votes needed to ... [Read]

LGBT Races to Watch

Posted by Justin Snow
November 6, 2012 2:58 PM |
All eyes will be on the presidential race when the first polls close on the East Coast. But while the contest between President Barack Obama and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will garner much of the attention tonight, several key congressional and state ballot measures will be key for LGBT voters. From Maryland to Wisconsin, these are the races to ... [Read]

Montgomery County residents flowed steadily in and out of the voting precinct at Bethesda's Walter Johnson High School this morning, with wait times running anywhere from 25 to 35 minutes, according to elections officials and those who said they had cast their ballots and had not experienced any problems. Several voters said they were excited about today's election because the ... [Read]

Voter Guide: Obama and Romney on the Issues

Posted by Justin Snow
November 6, 2012 11:00 AM |
It's Election Day in America and with millions heading to the polls to cast their ballot for president it's worth taking a look at where President Barack Obama and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney stand on LGBT issues. Here's an excerpt from our presidential voter guide. MARRIAGE EQUALITY Obama: First president to openly endorse the right to marry for same-sex ... [Read]

A right-wing organization with ties to a Texas-based tea party group is training its volunteer poll workers with literature that, among other things, depicts a man in a dress as an example of "voter fraud," prompting the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) to speak out against the stereotype. Mara Keisling, executive director of NCTE, told Metro Weekly that True ... [Read]

Polls show President Barack Obama heading into Election Day with an advantage in several key swing states, but still engaged in a tight race with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Although national polls continue to show a neck-in-neck race – with Romney in some polls slightly leading Obama – state polling, which is often more accurate than broader national polls, ... [Read]

Actress, breast cancer survivor and out lesbian Cynthia Nixon, best known for her role as Miranda from Sex and the City, and Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown law student who became famous after congressional Republicans refused to allow her to testify on whether health insurance plans should cover birth control, are slated to appear at the Falls Church, Va., headquarters of ... [Read]

Same-sex-marriage opponents are seeking to capitalize on the latest high-profile donation supporting marriage-equality efforts in Maryland, Maine, Washington and Minnesota. In a fundraising email sent today, National Organization for Marriage President Brian Brown sought donations from NOM supporters two days after Brad Pitt donated $100,000 to the Human Rights Campaign. "Let’s fight back!" Brown ordered in the email, which encouraged ... [Read]

In the months-long campaigns for and against Question 6, the measure that would allow Maryland’s marriage equality law to take effect, both sides have targeted various demographics, particularly rural voters and African-American voters. In these few days ahead of the Nov. 6 vote, however, special attention is now being aimed at Catholic voters and women voters.  Catholics for Marriage Equality, ... [Read]

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg endorsed Barack Obama for president on Thursday, citing Obama's support for marriage equality as influencing his endorsement. In a piece published by the financial news website, which is owned by Bloomberg, the mayor focuses heavily on climate change. He cites the recent devastation inflicted on New York by Hurricane Sandy and Obama's leadership ... [Read]

Richard Tisei appears confident he will be the next congressman for Massachusetts's 6th District. Nowhere is that confidence more apparent than in Tisei's closing cable ad of the campaign. Less than a week before Election Day, the out gay Republican has released an ad that makes no mention of his Democratic opponent, Rep. John Tierney, or of Tisei's own record. ... [Read]