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  • Intimate Festival

    ''We've had crazy responses from people already worried about whether or not they're going to be able to get in,'' says Angela Lombardi, general manager...

  • Outspoken, Ep. 38: Phasefest 2011 [video]

    In this edition of Outspoken, host Ebone Bell talks with some of the bands at Phasefest, posing the question, ''What's on your iPod?'' //

  • Rock Steady

    This year may spell the end of PhaseFest -- at least as it has come to be known during its first five years. Next year,...

  • Outspoken, Ep. 8: Gay or lesbian music; groupies [video]

    In this week's installment of Outspoken, host Ebone Bell visits Phasefest on Friday, Sept. 24, and wonders if there's a perceived difference between gay and...

  • Rocking Out

    Men will be at Phase 1 this weekend. And by men, organizers don't just mean MEN, the queer electro band featuring JD Samson of Le...

  • Phase Set to Stun

    ''One of my biggest fears is that this year we're going to have to turn people away,'' says Angela Lombardi, lead organizer of PhaseFest. The...

  • Musical Phase

    Phase 1 started having live music only a couple years ago, but just one night a week. It was, as the bar's manager Angela Lombardi...

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