January 2013 Archives

Research in Motion is now BlackBerry. That's the big news out of Canadian company's announcement today. Oh, and RIM -- er, BlackBerry -- also showed off its new 10 series: the BlackBerry Z10, which has a touch-screen interface, and the Blackberry Q10, which combines a physical keyboard with a more minuscule touch screen (dainty, really). They were hardly a surprise, ... [Read]

"This makes it the most comprehensive launch in mobile history. There has never been a platform launching with that many carriers." -- Frank Boulben, RIM's Chief Marketing Officer, to ABC World News regarding Wednesday's anticipated launch of the Blackberry 10, the completely new version of the company's software, written from the ground up. Blackberry hopes to regain market share with ... [Read]

I'm not going to even pretend to be "The Car Person" of Technocrat. Those would be Sean Bugg and Rhuaridh Marr -- they're the auto-aroused ones. Me? I wouldn't know the difference between a hood ornament and tail fin. I've even been known to refer to the stick shift as "the thing that makes the car go." But even ... [Read]

Hey, this is pretty awesome, folks. Delta Air Lines has released an iPad app whose features include a "glass bottomed" view at the ground beneath the plane. Can you just imagine a cabin full of people all staring into their laps? Okay, so it's not live live, but rather a combination of maps, satellite imagery, photos, social media updates ... [Read]

"We have demonstrated that using today's most popular social network, Facebook, may have a detrimental effect on people's self-control." So says Dr. Andrew Stephen, of the University of Pittsburgh, who, along with Dr. Keith Wilcox of Columbia University conducted a study with more than 1,000 Facebook users that demonstrated that social networking platforms could lead certain users to exhibit a ... [Read]

At LG's conference, it was all about looking good. OLED, 4K screens, Laser projectors -- the company had a plethora of ways to make the outside world look incredible on your living room wall or computer desk. Add to that a new connected life concept based on NFC-enabled appliances -- paired with a new "Touch the smart life" tagline -- ... [Read]

Samsung aimed big at CES this year, with its emphasis on WiFi connectivity. Be it TVs, cameras, media players, home theater systems, even fridges, Samsung doesn't want to leave any electronic stone unturned in its quest to connect every part of your digital life. As with other manufacturers, UltraHD 4K resolution was big in Samsung's presentation -- literally. Samsung presented ... [Read]

Last night, Sony blitzed its competition, revamping most of its consumer line-up and announcing a myriad of desirable gadgets, including a world first -- an OLED TV with 4K resolution. The new 4K standard for home media received the lion's share of press coverage at their conference, with TVs, Blu-Ray players and content delivery systems given particular focus as ... [Read]

In a somewhat lackluster showing for the tech giant, HP's biggest product announcements at CES this year concerned its new line of PC monitors. Not PCs, or slates, or notebooks -- monitors. That's not to say they aren't nice monitors. The 27-inch Envy IPS Monitor is almost beautiful in its slim elegance, with a refined, mature design that will look ... [Read]

Another year, another leap forward for NVIDIA's ubiquitous Tegra mobile processor. A favorite among Android manufacturers -- and also found in Microsoft's Surface tablet -- the Tegra SoC has become synonymous with high-end devices and fast performance. The big change this year is that there's no increase in the number of CPU cores -- NVIDIA is sticking with the quad-core, ... [Read]

"Research shows that you're more likely to achieve your resolutions if you write them down and have support. Try sharing your goals with communities around you. When you're ready to share your new year's ambition with the world, or if you're interested in seeing what resolutions look like around the globe, add it to the interactive resolution map on ... [Read]