Metro Weekly

Three Cheers

"Three Sistahs"

There’s a gem of a new musical to be found at Alexandria’s MetroStage right now — Three Sistahs, featuring the positively crackerjack trio of Crysta Fox, Bernardine Mitchell and Desiré DuBose as siblings reunited for the funeral of a brother killed in Vietnam in 1969. Writer-director Thomas W. Jones II draws inspiration from Chekhov’s Three Sisters, but filters the sentiments through the African-American vernacular of gospel, R&B and soul.

It’s a brilliant choice backed by superb original music by composer William Hubbard. In their prosaic spoken moments, the characters are rather broadly drawn, but it just doesn’t matter when they burst into glorious song. This is one that could very well have a prosperous post-premiere future, and you’ll definitely want to say that you were there at the beginning.

Through Oct. 13th at MetroStage, 1201 N. Royal St. in Alexandria. Tickets are $30 to $35. Call 703-548-9044.