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Festival Occasion

Reel Affirmations Pride Film Festival at Lincoln Theatre, June 3-4

“The Reel Affirmations Pride Film Festival started six years ago,” says One In Ten’s Joe Bilancio. “It was done as a way for us to support the efforts of Pride as well as supplement [the full Reel Affirmations festival] in October, trying to get people excited for the fall early on in the summer.”

Saints and Sinners

This year’s festival, which commences tonight at 7 p.m at the Lincoln Theatre with Margaret Cho’s new stand-up concert film, Revolution, is “fairly light,” says Bilancio. Still, he notes that one of the films, the documentary Saints and Sinners, which screens Friday at 7 p.m., is a serious and fairly topical look at the struggles of a gay couple who attempt to get married.

Eating Out

Also up: Eating Out, which screens tonight at 9 p.m., in which a straight man pretends to be gay in order to meet women (only to find the man of his dreams, naturally). Eating Out is this year’s cute boy offering, while tomorrow’s 9 p.m. showing of April Showers, which recently won a Best Feature award at the Philadelphia Film Festival, is one for the ladies, though Bilancio insists both films have the kind of winning charm that make them transcend gender.

“People will have a good time at this year’s festival,” he says. “It’s really a good range. There’s something for everyone.”

Bilancio, who joined One In Ten as its full-time program director in February, is enjoying the challenge of making One In Ten’s other offerings known to the community.

“I don’t know that people know all of the other things we do,” he says. “Laugh Out Loud, The Museum Project, Children in the Arts. We’re hoping that people will see we’re part of something much larger. And if they like this activity, hopefully they’ll come out for our other activities.”

The Reel Affirmations Pride Film Festival plays tonight and tomorrow, June 3 and 4, at the Lincoln Theatre, at 1210 U Street NW. Revolution plays tonight at 7 p.m., followed by Eating Out at 9 p.m. Saints and Sinners plays tomorrow at 7 p.m. followed by April Showers at 9 p.m. Individual tickets are $9. For festival tickets, call 1-800-494-8497 or visit

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