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A Town Square Opinion: A response to criticism of HRC's support of John Kerry

The passionate op/ed by Graham N. Murphy [“Losing Our Morality,” 7/8] is a heartfelt and jarring thing. His sagacity of the facts is impressive. I do agree with a good deal of what he says, but ask the question: Is it not better to have the marginal support (at this time) of one who could be educated (Kerry) than to have a someone — a fundamentalist, ignoramus who despises GLBT people with all the vitriol (masked in dogma) possible — under the guise of “Christianity,” morality and “family values”?

As an African-American, I agree with the question about the Jim Crow era. I also agree with Murphy’s estimation of the (un)Right’s mettle and commitment, whether right or wrong, to its agenda. I guess, fundamentally, I agree with his passionate evaluation in many substantive ways. I guess I — a Gay, disabled person with a passionate, personal and vested interest in marriage equity — can respect the writer’s position.

However, I wonder if we are not missing the intent of HRC, versus the perfection of same? The timbre of the piece drove me to express my comments. I am not an activist. I am, however, proud to call myself an “equalist” (a “movement” I am nurturing). There is an expediency and action level that is required immediately. Perhaps HRC is doing as they felt best for the immediate circumstances?  Right or wrong, in this, the most significant legislative period for the GLBTI in recent times, we could look at the work of HRC as a stepping stone, one that bridges the chasm, perhaps moreso than any other to date on this issue.  Does my position make me amoral or spineless? Perhaps not.  Perchance it makes me older, more mellow, more observant and more willing to at least consider most-to-all sides of a situation.

I love, however, Murphy’s passion and intelligent expression of his position. You are a kick-ass writer with a passion that is huge. Kudos! Get ’em! Murphy for President!

M.W. Savant

Key West, Florida

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