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Date Night

Reel Affirmations 2005

Review by Kristina Campbell

Rating: starstarstarstar (4 out of 5)

Monday, 10/17/2005, 9:15 PM
Shorts presentation, $6 at Cecile Goldman Theater at the DCJCC

THIS COLLECTION OF women’s shorts on a range of topics contains some real gems and some real duds, as these compilations typically do. The TV news magazine spoof Never Rob a Bank With Someone You Love! () is a wacky and goofy, but also funny, cautionary tale about what can happen when a shop-a-holic and an underpaid mechanic get together. It’s well-done, with an excellent mockery of broadcast news hosts in Stone Standard.

‘Til Death Do Us Part () is, luckily, mercifully short at two minutes long. It’s yet another supposedly hilarious snapshot of the silly, tired old theme of the uberbutch lesbian rescuing the straight girl in a dress. This time the dress happens to be a wedding gown. Ha ha ha. Purse-pective () lets viewers celebrate the inner — or outer — femme by exploring what it means to carry a purse in the lesbian community. But are purse-carrying lesbians really so unheard of and, as the film suggests, so shunned by the rest of lesbiandom? Can’t we all just get along?

Bonne Fête! () is a racy nod to the silent film era with a girl named Fannie Nipplebottom jumping out of a cake and giving us a show. Pretty pointless, but kind of cute. Everything Good () captures the plight of a lonely woman who’s on business in Amsterdam and decides to take a risk — by calling an escort service so she can have sex. Her demands for the perfect woman are so particular that it seems impossible anyone could meet them, but sure enough, the whole package shows up at her hotel room door. There is, of course, a lesson for the picky patron.

Solo () is an animated short about a tap-dancing diva who brings her unusual moves to a gay bar. The animation is crude but cute, and the music is catchy. Ex (), with its lead actress reminiscent of Minnie Driver, is a cute, funny, smart and heartbreaking but ultimately redeeming look at what can happen when an ex-girlfriend calls with a crisis and your lover goes running off to assist. Christmas Eve (Julafton) () is a silly and puzzling UFO tale. No X-Files this.

Inclinations () is an excellent little picture that shows particular creativity in taking us into the mind of a short story writer who’s struggling with writer’s block. (Jenny from The L Word should take heed.) The process of unleashing her muse is sweet and funny. Getting to Know You () is extremely well done, featuring familiar faces such as Dana Delany and Ian Gomez (who played the hilarious gay character Javier on Felicity) as well as Elizabeth Keener (younger sister of film star Catherine). It’s entertaining, insightful and well written, with clever dialog, such as this exchange between the main character (Keener) and her brother-in-law (Gomez): ”You told me to date her, she’s a peace worker.” ”No, I told you I hate her, she’s a piece of work.”

Date Night

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