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Capital Pride 2007: Horoscopes

Heavenly Round Up: Wow! This year’s concatenation of people, events and activities has heart like nobody’s business. There’s a warmth in the air that’s mirrored by the warmth in everybody’s smiles. There’s a sensitivity in the atmosphere that could play either way. Try to be compassionate in your conduct and understanding in your reactions. You’ll find that others will mirror your behaviors back to you. Choose to be a leader in forbearance, tolerance and forgiveness. If everybody pulls together, everyone will have a shot at joy in community.

Aries: The sights are dazzling. The people are vibrant to the point of vibrating. The events are meaningful and action packed and all of the best quality. So quit sulking in your tent. What happened at home stays at home. Be here now to make the most of all this fabulosity.

Taurus: You’ve been forging valiantly ahead. You’ve gone into the unknown and come out with your values and your soul intact. Can you see your way clear to putting down your fiery sword and joining (however briefly) in the merriment and delights of this brief season? Do it.

Gemini: There’s something out there for everyone. And there’s everyone out there for some one. If you’ve got the nerve to pick out something you like, you can do with it what you will. If you’re worried about repercussions, don’t be. You’ve got a get-out-of-jail-free card on you.

Cancer: You call ’em like you see ’em, no question. Often enough, you keep that info to your own self. Now, however, might be the time to stick your neck out and share your insights with your acquaintance. You’ll save everyone more than a peck of trouble if you stir yourself.

Leo: You’re having such a good time. Was it peer-pressure that left you the designated path-finder? If you volunteered, perform your tasks with good graces. If you were volunteered, rise to the occasion and perform your tasks with good graces. Your sweet rewards will follow.

Virgo: You feel like you’re more likely to trip over your own feet than you are to trip the light fantastic. What’s that about? You have great proprioception, and an even better sense of rhythm. Let go of that bout of Cinderella syndrome, if you ever want to get to the ball. Smile.

Libra: You’re all that and you know it. Actually, you were and you did, but now you’re not so sure. That’s not fair; but in fact, it’s your own self-doubts that limit you. Where can you go to get your mojo back? Surprisingly, the solution is closer to hand than you knew. Think hard.

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Scorpio: Is it destiny that led you here to this place, at this time and with these people? It could have been. It could have been a confluence of unrelated coincidences. In any case, let go of why it is and get on with being there now and getting the most out of every second.

Sagittarius: You’ve heard most of what you’re hearing before. But it’s never before been said in such a way that you felt as though the message pierced you through the heart and left you both utterly committed and deeply dumbfounded. Hold onto the sense of revelation all week.

Capricorn: You didn’t believe the hype — that’s a point of pride with you. And yet, this is so much more than you’d imagined it could ever be. Let your exhaustion wind down into an overarching relaxation. Quit trying so hard and all those loose ends will tie themselves up.

Aquarius: Perception drives response so much of the time. Be certain that you’re basing your decision on hard facts and not soft appearances. You can have it all. You can have it both ways. You can have your cake and eat it, too. But you’ll want to make a careful choice first.

Pisces: Are you in the parade, of the parade, or only watching the parade? This could be your moment to shine — if only with your peers. But you’ve got what others need, and it would be more than selfish not to share in this place, at this time, with these people. Open your chakras.

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