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DC Strokes Rowing Club

2008 Capital Pride

Maybe you’ve seen them gracing the slick black-and-white pages of their sexy calendar. Perhaps you’ve spied these athletic men and women slicing through the waters of the Anacostia. Or maybe you just don’t know the D.C. Strokes Rowing Club. That could change with Capital Pride 2008 — and it should.

This year, the D.C. Strokes are making a splash, having signed on as a Community Partner. And who wouldn’t want the support of such an athletic bunch?

”We really decided to expand our reach out into the community,” says Rob xxxx, the club’s president. ”We wanted to bring the experience of rowing out to as many people as we possibly could, and give something back to the community. Rowing is a great way to team-build, and to show people there are alternatives to going to bars and clubs and things like that.”

While it’s great that the D.C. Strokes have joined the Community Partner roster, one may reasonably wonder how they find they time. Consider that the end of May finds members wrapping up the annual ”Learn-to-Row Program,” followed by the annual Stonewall Regatta, hosted by the D.C. Strokes and now in its 15th year. By the time Capital Pride opens for business, it’s testament to the Stokes’ endurance that they have anything left to give.

”This time of year is extremely hectic for us,” Rob confirms, adding that the affiliated Stonewall Regatta saw an impressive 156 entries this year. ”Then we jump right into Pride Week.”

With so much coming to a head right now, Rob says Capital Pride is probably not the best time to get involved with the D.C. Strokes, whose mission includes introducing and promoting rowing to the GLBT community and its allies, and providing competitive and recreational rowing opportunities in a safe and supportive environment. Come by and visit the D.C. Strokes’ Pride Festival booth or cheer them on in the parade, but if you want to join, Rob suggests coming out for the ”Learn-to-Row Program” in spring 2009.

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