Metro Weekly


2008 Capital Pride

It’s hard to miss the Metro D.C. PFLAG contingent as they march along the Capital Pride Parade route. This collection of parents, family and friends of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders often elicits the loudest cheers of support and thanks from the spectators that line the streets, offering kudos to a group that has offered some of the most loving affirmation the LGBT community has ever received.

As a Community Partner, this local chapter of Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays brings that affirmation to Capital Pride in a more direct way.

”Metro D.C. PFLAG sees our participation as a Community Partner as a means of greater outreach to the GLBT community, particularly to youth,” says Board President Allen Keiswetter. ”Capital Pride is always a highlight of the PFLAG year. Pride is an inspiration to parents and friends of the GLBT community. The overwhelming response we get during Capital Pride spurs on our many activities in advocacy, education and support.”

Having been in the fight for more than two decades, Metro D.C. PFLAG certainly deserves the annual show of thanks. From helping parents of GLBT people accept and celebrate their children, to fighting for marriage equality, to speaking out to keep Montgomery County’s Board of Education from allowing a homophobic slant creep into sex education, PFLAG is looking out for family and friends.

And should anyone wonder whether the acronym’s lack of a ”T” means that Metro D.C. PFLAG doesn’t hold the transgender struggle as close to its collective heart as gay and lesbian concerns, never fear. Keiswetter is quick to point out that his own connection to PFLAG stems from his own transgender child.

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