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When Kiran met Karen

Reel Affirmations 2008

Review by Kristina Campbell

Rating: starstarstar (3 out of 5)
Sunday, 10/19/2008, 5:00 PM
Feature presentation, $10 at Lincoln Theatre

IF YOU’RE LOOKING for some light fare that verges on silly, When Kiran Met Karen may be just your thing. Kiran (Chriselle Almeida), a famous Bollywood actress engaged to the man who made possible her career in the U.S., has a hate-hate relationship with journalists. That is, until she meets Karen (Kelli Holsopple), a writer for Reel Women magazine who takes a low-key, flirtatious approach and wins Kiran’s trust. Kiran’s reticence about journalists, which stems from their insistence on questioning her about an alleged past affair and a restraining order against her by the wife of one of her co-stars, keeps her initially hesitant, but soon enough she and Karen are alone together for a night and their relationship takes on a new dimension.

Along the way, there is betrayal, deception and scandal, giving the film some plot twists — which is, unfortunately, about the best thing going for it. The acting is forced and much of the dialogue seems like they’re reading from a script in rehearsal, not in a polished production.

Certain viewers might take offense at the film’s insinuation that a professional journalist would allow — nay, require — that the subject of an article sign off on the piece before it’s published, but this is fiction and the plot twist puts that premise in question by the end of the movie anyway.

There are redeeming qualities, of course — except for the points at which it tries to take itself too seriously, the film is relatively fun, and the women are attractive. That always helps make even a mediocre movie much more tolerable.

When Kiran met Karen
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