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Logan Circle House tour features modern and historical homes

What once started as a Victorian Christmas Home Tour in Logan Circle more than 30 years ago has evolved to become the Logan Circle House Tour, now including both historical and modern homes. This year’s event, on Sunday, Dec. 6, features 11 properties.

”We’re a strong No. 3 after Dupont Circle and Georgetown’s tours,” says Tim Christensen, chair of the Logan Circle Community Association’s tour committee.

”We’re distinguished from both because we consider ourselves to be a little more edgy here on the eastside of Northwest Washington.”

The tour literally got ”a little bit more edgy” sometime at the turn of this century when organizers decided to expand its scope beyond Victorian Christmas homes.

”It wasn’t very inclusive, and the architecture is very diverse now,” Christensen says.

That change has allowed for modern-style additions, such as Fathom Creative, a graphic-design company at 1333 14th St. NW, which is opening its doors to the tour for the first time this year.

”I think one of the cool things about the space is that it’s a multi-use space in every sense of the word,” says owner Drew Mitchell, who lives in the building with his partner of the past seven years, Bill Fischer.

”We have Fathom Creative on the first floor, Bill and I live on the third floor, and then on the second floor it’s a flexible sort of multi-functional space set up like a gallery,” Mitchell says.

Fischer adds that he’s hoping visitors find the space to be ”creative and sharp,” and reflective of the work that’s being done inside.

Christensen says the tour is geared towards those who love art and architecture.

”Some of these houses have fabulous art collections,” he says. ”The tour is also for anyone interested in urban living and how real Washington lives.”

The Logan Circle House Tour is scheduled for 1-5 p.m., on Sunday, Dec. 6. Tickets $20. For details, and tickets, visit