Metro Weekly

Coverboy: Kory

There are currently 42 unique pieces of art on Kory‘s body. The tattoo enthusiast likes to get new ink about once a month – a tradition he started in 2008. It was also in 2008 that the 24-year-old, born and raised in the Caribbean, moved from Charlotte, N.C., to Washington for career opportunities. That’s led Kory to his current post as a hotel manager. Kory likes to unwind by surfing the Internet or hitting the gym. And at night, Kory can be found at his favorite local hotspots Fireplace, Town Danceboutique and Club Aqua.

What’s on your nightstand?
A variety of colognes. I’m a cologne freak.

What’s in your nightstand drawer?
Underwear, condoms, lube and my fitness gloves.

What are your television favorites?
I’m an oldie, so I like Golden Girls and Law & Order.

What’s the last movie you saw in a theater?
Burlesque. I enjoyed it. I thought the performances were great and the dancing was excellent.

What was your favorite cartoon when you were a kid?

What superhero would you be?
Captain Planet, because he saves the world and he has all the aspects the world: water, wind and fire.

Who’s your greatest influence?
My grandmother. She’s been there for me all my life and she gives me inspiration.

What’s your greatest fear?
Drowning. I nearly did at one point.

Pick three people, living or dead, who you think would make the most fascinating dinner guests imaginable.
Tyra Banks, Will Smith and Oprah Winfrey.

What would you serve?
Tyra gets an apple martini and a steak dinner. Will Smith doesn’t need to eat. We just stare at each other. And Oprah, she’ll just have Cosmos.

How would you describe your dream guy?
Good hygiene. Nice hands and feet is a must. They have to be well taken care of and manicured.

And physical attributes?
Athletic build, 5’8” to 5’11”. I don’t have a specific type, they just need to be attractive.

Define good in bed.
Excellent foreplay.

What’s the most unusual place you’ve had sex?
In a cave by the beach, in the British Virgin Islands.

Who is your favorite musical artist?
Whitney Houston.

What’s your favorite website?

Who should star in a movie about your life?
Robert Ri’chard from the TV show One on One.

Who was your first celebrity crush?
Tyson Beckford.

If your home was burning, what’s the first thing you would grab while leaving?
My laptop and my cell phone.

What’s something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t yet tried?

What’s something you’ve tried that you never want to do again?
Fish. I’m allergic to fish. I recently learned that. I would get really, really sick.

What position do you play in the big baseball game of life?
I can be a pitcher and catcher.

Boxers, briefs or other?
Boy shorts most of the time.

What’s your favorite retail store?
Boris & Natasha. It’s a boutique in Charlotte.

What’s the most you’ll spend on a haircut?

On a pair of shoes?

What’s your favorite season?
Summer. I love wearing tank tops.

What’s your favorite food to splurge with?
Caribbean food. Like curry chicken, seasoned rice, plantain, macaroni and cheese, and passion fruit juice.

What kind of animal would you be?
A bird. I’m a free spirit. I like to travel and that would be the best way to travel.

What kind of plant would you be?
A hibiscus. It blooms in the summer and it’s just a beautiful flower.

What kind of car would you be?
I would be a Mercedes, because it’s built strong.

What’s something you want more of?
More of life. I want to live a little bit more. I think I’m shy at most times.

What are you most grateful for?
Family and true friends.

What’s your dream job?
To be the tourism commissioner of the Virgin Islands.

State your life philosophy in 10 words or less.
Without opportunity, it leaves no room for growth.