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Metro Weekly Cover Story Preview: “Guess Who’s Coming to CPAC?”

Later this afternoon, Metro Weekly will be posting this week’s cover story — “Guess Who’s Coming to CPAC?

[UPDATE: The story is posted.]

021011 GOProud cover web.jpg

We’re putting it up online early as right-wing, primarily religious conservatives continue to raise questions about the role of GOProud, the gay conservative group that counts CPAC in 2010 as its public debut, at the annual gathering of conservative activists, students and would-be presidential candidates.

Here’s the teaser:

“GOProud has a fight on its hands. From the left, right and middle, organizations and activists argue with, debate and even ignore the gay conservative group that’s now heading into its second year at CPAC, the annual conservative conference. But – in the conservative arena that is the group’s aim – GOProud is winning, as an attempted boycott because of the group’s CPAC participation fizzled and the group is making serious inroads in the conservative movement. From longtime conservative activists like Grover Norquist to new media names like Andrew Breitbart, GOProud is grabbing attention – and friends – in the conservative movement. Metro Weekly senior political writer Chris Geidner talks with GOProud’s Chris Barron and Jimmy LaSalvia, as well as some allies and critics, as CPAC gets under way – and as GOProud looks to the future.”

I look forward to hearing people’s comments and responses — and covering CPAC in the coming days to see how things actually shake out.

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