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Arthur: remade, refashioned, rebranded


Playing a rich, spoiled brat doesn’t seem to be much of a stretch for Russell Brand, but who cares? We know he can be funny doing it. In this remake of the 1981 original starring Dudley Moore, Brand as Arthur is joined by Helen Mirren as his nanny and Jennifer Garner as the woman he must marry to avoid losing his inheritance. Meanwhile, Greta Gerwig takes over from Liza Minnelli in the original to play the only woman Brand’s character has ever loved. Will he ever grow up? Did we really need a remake? Only Monday’s box office will tell. (Okay, we admit, “wash your winkie” intoned as Darth Vader seems kinda funny.) We suppose there’s one thing to be thankful for: No Christopher Cross. Now playing. Area theaters. Visit

Just for fun, let’s do a little compare and contrast:

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