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Clinic Kudos

Whitman-Walker recognized as ''Clinic of the Year''

As part of its mission to ”educate a diverse health care workforce” and improve health services to D.C. residents, the Capital City Area Health Education Center (AHEC) has named Whitman-Walker Clinic its Clinic of the Year.

Meghan Davies, the clinic’s deputy director of community health, says the award recognition is ”huge” because, ”it’s all about working with medical students and helping AHEC scholars develop a curriculum, and working with any sort of health care students.

”It’s not just about us and our clients. It’s also part of the community, and making sure that we all work together.”

Davies says WWC earned the recognition ”in various departments in multiple ways.” In the community health department, for example, Davies provides training for medical students on HIV counseling and testing.

In a statement released by the clinic April 18, CEO Don Blanchon expressed gratitude for the recognition.

”Our work with [AHEC] helps to better educate health care workers about community health and especially issues of HIV/AIDS and LGBT care,” said Blanchon. ”That helps to ensure that the communities we serve will have even greater access to high quality health care.”