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Making the most of the season most likely to be 'just right'

The upside of having four strong and distinct seasons is that spring always arrives as a breath of relief from the long, cold months of winter — even if spring in Washington is sometimes a tease who offers up two or three fake springs before finally settling in with the real deal.

But now that the birds are back, the cherry trees have bloomed and the sun is providing both light and warmth, we can bask in that time of year when everything seems just right. And now is the time we turn our attention to our homes, where we open our windows to air out the last dredges of winter and ready our gardens to reach their full and colorful peak.

From farming with the Beekman Boys to flipping over real estate with Josh Flagg, from finding help with that daunting spring cleaning to deciding if this is the season to buy a new house, we’re here to help make the season as fabulous and refreshing for your home as it is for you.

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