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Confirmed: Chris Colfer leaving Glee at end of next season

Chris Colfer Glee

Chris Colfer, Lea Michele and Cory Monteith will all be graduating Glee next year. We’re sorry to see him (them) go. Extra had this interview to share with the openly-gay Colfer.

Glee star and newly anointed Emmy nominee Chris Colfer talked with Extra’s Jerry Penacoli about his character, the colorful Kurt Hummel, leaving the show after next season, how he'd like Kurt to go out — and what’s next.

Colfer said he was “surprised that there was an announcement made” by co-creator Ryan Murphy about the cast shake up, which also includes the ousting of co-stars Lea Michele and Cory Monteith, but Colfer understands.

“I think we all knew something like this was coming. Ryan’s been very honest from the beginning, saying that that the kids were going to eventually grow up and leave, because that’s what happens, kids grow up and leave. We can’t be in high school forever.”

The actor added, “Do I want to leave the show? Absolutely not. This is home for me. But I understand that there’s time for a conclusion.”

What direction would he like Kurt to take when he leaves? “I would love to see him walking off to the sunset with an internship at Vogue. That’s where he’s headed. That’s what I would like.”

The Glee actor is also hoping he might be asked back for a few episodes. “I’m hoping I can be like Farrah Fawcett, a la Charlie’s Angels, and come back in the fifth episode. Or I can be like Batgirl in the Batman series, where there’s a symbol in the opening credits and you know they’re in it.”

Even though it may be bittersweet, Colfer is excited about the upcoming Season 3. “I guess they’re going to have to pull out all of the stops because it’s our last one. I think they’re going with a more comedic route with Kurt this season, which I’m very looking forward to, so I don’t have to cry in every scene.”

And he is also looking forward to the future. “I really want to do something scary. I want to play something scary, like someone mentally disturbed,” adding, laughing, “That wouldn’t be much of a stretch.”

What about the rumors that are surfacing on a spin-off series he says, “I just heard rumors. I'm definitely not attached to anything officially or anything like that. So we’ll see.”

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