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DC Cowboys kick up sand in Rehoboth Beach

9DCCowboys_Beach9b.jpgMembers of the DC Cowboys dance troupe performed in Rehoboth Beach  on Saturday, July 30, and helped to raise nearly $15,000 to support CAMP Rehoboth gay and lesbian community center.

Underwritten and presented by CAMP supporter Bruce Pfeufer and Mini Bear Graphics, the benefit performance drew 300 attendees for a high-energy hour of song and dance.

44DCCowboys_PostShow8.jpg“We always enjoy the opportunity to come to Rehoboth — not only to help support CAMP Rehoboth, but to also enjoy the great beach,” said Kevin Platte, DC Cowboys’s executive and artistic director.

As part of its rating of the cleanest and healthiest beaches in the country, the Natural Resources Defense Council recently awarded “Superstar Beach” status to Rehoboth Beach, one of only four beaches in the country to earn that designation.

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