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Husbands the Series: Season 1 (all 11 episodes) with Brad Bell and Sean Hemeon

Meet Cheeks and Brady, the lead characters of a new web comedy called, “Husbands.” The show is now available on YouTube and

The show’s premise: A famous gay actor, Cheeks, marries a newly out sports player, Brady Kelly, one drunken night in Las Vegas. Each episode is only a couple of minutes long but the dialog and antics are rather amusing for “The World’s First Marriage Equailty Comedy.” Brad Bell and Sean Hemeon are the lead actors with Alessandra Torresani, playing Cheeks’ best friend, Haley.

Watch all eleven episodes of Season One here.

Episode 1: Waking Up in Vegas

Episode 2: We Can’t Be Married

Episode 3: Being Britney

Episode 4: A Decent Proposal

Episode 5: IDEHTW

Episode 6: Haley the Life Coach

Episode 7: Normal People

Episode 8: This Together Thing

Episode 9: Instant Love

Episode 10: Return of the Zebra

Episode 11: Winky Face

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