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Australian Senator Worries what Qantas Move to Dubai Means for Gays, Other Travelers

“What precautions and warning will Qantas provide unmarried passengers who are single or in de facto relationships? … Will there be warnings to gay Australians transiting through Dubai?

Sen. Helen Kroger, a member of the Liberal Party of Australia, expressing concern in Parliament as Australia’s Qantas Airways partners with Dubai, U.A.E.-based Emirates airline. The partnership will shift Qantas’s transit point for European flights from Singapore to Dubai, where consensual sodomy is illegal. In her speech, Kroger cited recent incidents, such as a woman in the U.A.E. being arrested for sex outside marriage after reporting that she had been raped. Kroger also voiced concerns for Jews, Christians and visitors to Israel passing through Dubai International Airport. (The Telegraph, U.K.) 

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