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The Daily Beast touts the coolest new cars of the Detroit Auto Show

Beast Cars

I’m not going to even pretend to be “The Car Person” of Technocrat. Those would be Sean Bugg and Rhuaridh Marr — they’re the auto-aroused ones. Me? I wouldn’t know the difference between a hood ornament and tail fin. I’ve even been known to refer to the stick shift as “the thing that makes the car go.”

But even a neophyte like me couldn’t help but be engaged by this missive from The Daily Beast on the upcoming crop of self-driving cars. Am I the only one who’s more than a bit nervous about the slowly unstoppable trend toward self-driving automobiles? As I probably won’t be alive by the time they’re the default means of zipping around, I should probably just sit back and enjoy the technological ride.

What I truly enjoyed, though, was the Beast’s slideshow of the coolest new cars from the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, including the Toyota Corolla Furia Concept Car; the relatively threatening-looking Nissan Resonance; the Acura NSX Concept (which makes my former Acura look like an old person’s car, which it kind of was); the sumptuous Hyundai HCD-14 (who names a car this sleek and stylish that?); and, of course, the Corvette Stingray, which everyone — including our own Mr. Bugg — is absolutely agog over. The answer to every 45-year-old man’s mid-life crisis apparently has been redesigned. I’m guessing they took the tail fins off.

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