Metro Weekly

Spring Travel Special 2013

Amusement parks, cruises, area beaches and new flights are ready to fill your travel calendar

Sure, there’s a slight chance that Mother Nature might have a surprise up her sleeve. But it’s not likely. Instead, it’s just been a pretty uneventful winter in this neck of the woods. We battened down the hatches and we braced for it, but winter was essentially a non-event in Washington. Good thing we had that inauguration, or it might have passed us by entirely.

Spring, however, will never be ignored. If nothing else, the days are getting longer. Cold and flu season is abating (even if allergy season is gearing up). Crocuses are popping out of the dirt. It doesn’t take a winter of blizzards to make spring inviting. And invite you it does, to leave hibernation behind and step outside – and beyond.