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Exercise prevents homosexuality, claims UK politician

“[Regular exercise] released boys tensions and thus avoided homo-sexuality (sic)”

So says a UK councillor candidate, John Sullivan, member of the UK’s right-wing UKIP party. In a recent Facebook post — now deleted — Sullivan opined on the merits of regular physical exercise in his youth, continuing his thoughts with a reflection on the Victorian’s reasons for regular exercise — its apparently magical ability to prevent the youth engaged in said exercise from developing homosexual tendencies.

It’s not the first homophobic remark by the man, who also congratulated Russia for banning gay pride marches, saying “Well done the Russians,” described those who supported gay marriage as “termites,” and apparently said of homosexuality “it doesn’t go there.”

UKIP are no strangers to anti-gay controversy, recently calling for members of the Conservative party who disagreed with the party’s pro-gay marriage stance to defect to UKIP. UKIP also fired their Young Independent chairman for supporting gay marriage, and an unsuccessful UKIP candidate for Britain’s parliament said of gay adoption that it was akin to throwing children to the “dogs.” The former chair of the party also stated that gay people are more likely to abuse children, called gay rights activists “lunatics,” and believes that gays regularly engage in bestiality.

So, there you go readers. If you’d spent more time working out and less time staring at the other men in the gym, you wouldn’t be as fabulous as you are.


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