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Nokia prepping 41MP camera and phablet, sells 5.6 million Lumias

If the Financial Times is to be believed, Nokia, the Finnish cellphone powerhouse that remains relatively unknown in the U.S., is planning a deluge of new devices to saturate the market. Chief amongst these is the expected follow-up to the Lumia 920 flagship, which will hopefully shed some weight and gain some extra camera oomph over last year’s model. More interestingly, though, are rumors of a Nokia-branded “phablet,” a la the Galaxy Note II, with a screen between 5- and 6-inches — which will be interesting to see, not least for how Windows Phone performs on such a stretched canvas. Camera nerds can rejoice, as Nokia is also said to be planning a replacement for the Symbian-powered 808 Pureview, this time in a Lumia handset (read: it’ll be running Microsoft’s mobile OS), with the same 41MP imaging sensor — which should certainly help in today’s specs-heavy tech comparisons.

Back in the world of certainty, Nokia today confirmed their earnings for the first quarter of 2013, and all-in-all it’s a much less bleak image than the billion dollar loss the company racked up this time last year. On a revenue of $7.7 billion, the company made a net profit of $236 million — though this drops to a $150 million loss using the stricter IFRS accounting method. This can be attributed to a 30 percent increase in sales of its Windows-powered Lumia handsets, with 5.6 million devices reaching users in the quarter. Wondering why you haven’t heard of them? U.S. sales accounted for just 400,000 handsets, as U.S. carriers and consumers continue to shun Nokia and Windows Phone in favor of Android and iPhones.

If Nokia gives us a 41MP-packing 6-inch flagship, though, its fortunes may well change.

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