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Get divorced or get out, South African lesbian couple told by child’s school

Kally and Samantha Mabe, a married couple in South Africa, have been told by their child’s school that unless they end their “lifestyle choice” their son will be removed from the school “for his own good.”

Speaking to the UK’s Independent, the couple said they chose the private Christian school for their son as it taught lessons of love, forgiveness and acceptance, in accordance with their beliefs. After informing the school of their relationship, including the principal and class teacher, Kally and Samantha filled the application listing both as parents, ensuring full disclosure to the school, with some staff apparently stating they were “Christian and not in a position to judge.”

This illusion was shattered after a few months when their 5-year-old son announced to his teacher that he had two mothers. The Mabes were quickly told to either separate or face their child’s expulsion from the school. The school’s principal and pastor told the couple that the school does not “cater to your type of people, who’ve made this lifestyle choice”.

The Mabes, married in 2012, have refused to remove their son from the school, and are pursuing their legal options. South Africa made history by becoming the first African nation to legalize gay marriage in 2006, though the country still faces problems with widespread homophobia.

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