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YouTube star “Fred” tells the world he is gay

Lucas Cruikshank came out today on his YouTube channel. If the actor’s name is not familiar, his goofy alter ego “Fred” likely crossed your computer or TV screen at some point. Fred Figglehorn, a squeaky voiced, turbo-charged character who appeals to children has had nearly one billion views on YouTube. His fame has been broadcast to a wider audience through two movies, a self-titled show on the Nickelodeon Channel, and other TV appearances including Tyra Banks. Cruikshank turns 20 at the end of August, but has said he was only 12 when he began posting videos and creating characters like Fred.

In today’s video, Cruikshank sat in bed with actress Jennifer Veal to answered questions from fans. He stated:

“I’m gay. It’s so weird to say on camera! But my family and friends have known this for like three years. I just haven’t felt the need to announce it on the Internet…. I feel awkward!”

Veal, like many other observers, indicated she knew he was gay when she first met him. 

On his Twitter feed, Cruikshank thanked his fans for their support and indicated that singer Cher directly tweeted him with the message: “Proud of you!”

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