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Australian thieves use Porsche Cayenne to break into bank

What did you drive to work this morning?

For a group of bank robbers in Australia, the morning commute became considerably more luxurious as reports from Sydney, Australia, note that two men in masks smashed a black Porsche Cayenne into the side of a Westpac bank, before proceeding to raid the place. In a scene lifted straight from a movie, onlookers watched as the thieves, in broad daylight, drove the black SUV through the glass wall of the bank, then, armed with sledgehammers, took just five minutes to accomplish their task.

After they were finished, the Cayenne, which is reported to have been stolen earlier, was abandoned as the pair jumped into a Subaru Impreza WRX and sped off. The blue hatch was also reported as stolen. The escapade was live-tweeted by pedestrians watching from across the street, with reports that the Subaru getaway driver became extremely anxious after he realized he was being photographed.

Police are appealing for any witnesses to come forward, and are refusing to release any further details on the robbery. Westpac bank confirmed that a robbery had taken place, but customers in the bank have claimed they were only able to take money from the tellers and didn’t access any significant funds. All told, the Cayenne they wrecked may have been worth more than the ultimate haul from the robbery, with the Porsche the only injured party as there are thankfully no reports of customers or bank employees being harmed.

The full report from the Sydney Morning Herald is attached below.

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