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9 Amazing Same-Sex Marriage Adverts

In light of recent anti same-sex marriage commercials — we’re looking at you, NOM — and the wealth of states that still oppose same-sex marriage, we at Metro Weekly thought we’d give everyone a much needed boost. As such, we present eleven of our favorite pro-gay marriage adverts. Not all are commercials, and not all are as vocal in their statements, but each will leave you with a fuzzy warmth, a need to hug the nearest person and the urge to write a strongly-worded letter to a politician.

Let’s dive in.

1 – Marriage EqualitySinead’s Hand

It’s Irish, so there’s the accent to get excited about, but it’s also a well-made, thought-provoking advert about marriage equality and the impact of public opinion. Plus, whoever Sinead is, she’s a lucky girl.

2 – Outlook.comGet up-to-date

This is a serious case of blink-and-you’ll-miss it, but Microsoft sends any thoughts of blue-screens and Windows Vista running with a very sweet endorsement of same-sex marriage. Shame it’s overshadowed by the epic explosion, but we’ll take what we can get.

3 – HRC Dawn of a New Day

Morgan Freeman. That’s all you really need to know about Human Rights Campaign’s life-affirming 2012 advert. It has Morgan Freeman narrating it. Forget March of the Penguins, watch this and you’ll be ready to march on Washington. (Sorry.)

4 – Amazon – Kindle Paperwhite

Again, it isn’t a horns-blaring pro-marriage advert, but this spot from Amazon is great for one word — husband. Not partner, not boyfriend. Husband.

5 – Coalition for Equal MarriageHomecoming

Okay, admittedly this advert from Britain is a little schmaltzy — and out of date, gay marriage was legalized in England and Wales in July of this year — but it’s also sweet and features two leads you’d happily watch kiss after exchanging vows. Yes, we’re that shallow.

A short historical side-note: the UK has allowed gay and lesbian servicemembers to serve openly in the army since 2000.

6 – Renault Twingo – The Big Day

This advert comes from French car manufacturer Renault, featuring their adorable Twingo city car. It’s a classic bait-and-switch, teasing us with one possible conclusion before throwing us another way entirely. Those crafty, equality-loving Frenchies…

Another side note: this isn’t Renault’s first Twingo/LGBT mash-up.

7 – ExpediaFind Your Understanding

Expedia delivers one of the most beautiful examples of a pro-equality stance being used to promote a brand. Yes, it’s designed to make us use Expedia. Do we care? Not at all. A heartwarming tale that follows a father coming to terms with his daughter’s wedding, it’s brand promotion in the best possible way.

8 – College HumorGay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends

This is very tenuous, we know. It’s not technically a commercial, but hear us out. College Humor’s sketch has been viewed more times than almost every other video here put together. That’s a lot of people watching, listening, laughing — and potentially agreeing with the underlying message. Yes, it’s clichéd — but it’s also tongue-in-cheek and spawned some hilarious memes. That should surely allow its inclusion in this list. Right? Right??? Ah forget it, just watch.

Yes, before you ask, there’s a lesbian version of the video, too, thanks to Unsolicited Project. You’re very welcome.

9 – Get Up AustraliaIt’s Time

This is it. The big one. Quite possibly the best pro-gay-marriage advert that currently exists. It’s beautifully shot, wonderfully scored, well-acted and feels completely genuine. It’s ambiguous until the end, almost devoid of dialogue and yet manages to speak loudly and powerfully. Watch it, get emotional, watch it again, then go plan your vacation to Australia.

Since this video debuted in 2011, Australia has witnessed its first territory legalize same-sex marriage. Since 2011, seven states in the USA have legalized same-sex marriage, bringing our total to 14 states and the District of Columbia.

The videos on this list may not exact change on their own, but they’re an additional voice as we tell the world that we are normal, equal, loving humans. Same-sex marriage is a battle, but it’s one that the videos on this list will help us to win, and, for some, they’re a reminder of just how far we have already come.

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