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Fit to Be Linked 11/18/13

The V-Sit is a gymnastic movement that is a goal of many body weight exercise enthusiasts. Here is a wonderful tutorial video that contains the first progression step: the L-Sit. [YouTube]

A new nutrition tracking app that I was pointed towards recently: Cron-O-Meter. It’s free to sign-up, and lets you set goals for just about every single nutrient out there: even alcohol for those aspiring professional drinkers. [CornOMeter]

There’s a type of carb cycling that has been very popular among endurance athletes, called “Glycogen Supercompensation”. Cutting carbs while training, then reintroducing them, tricks the body into storing more glycogen. This is beneficial when running a marathon, but a less discussed effect: going from low carb dieting to a bulk replicates this and can lead to some serious weight gain. [JPE Sports Science]

Esquire has a nice big list of Grooming Awards. Some great products on here. [Esquire]

Though not directly fitness related, an important thing to consider when soliciting advice from anyone on anything. It’s pretty entertaining, to boot.


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