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Lesbian waitress’ anti-gay receipt story challenged by customers

Last week, a news report was widely circulated about a lesbian waitress, Dayna Morales, being left an unkind message instead of a tip at her New Jersey restaurant. An image of the receipt was posted on Facebook. Handwriting on the piece of paper seemed to say:

“I’m sorry
but I cannot
tip because I
do not agree with with your
lifestyle & how you live your life.”

NBC 4 of New York reported that their station had been contacted by a family that claimed to have a copy of the original receipt. Allegedly, it showed that they had left a tip. They also claimed that the handwriting on the restaurant’s copy is not theirs. One half of the unnamed couple said of the situation:

“I think there’s enough hatred and intolerance in the world that, to create it when it wasn’t there, is shameful and dishonorable.”

The reporter for NBC 4 did not point out that a “Merchant Copy” and a “Customer Copy” are typically given out separately, and different amounts could have been written on each. However, she did broadcast a redacted copy of the couple’s Visa card statement which indicated that they had paid $18 in addition to the bill for $93.55. The man who signed the original receipt, said that the waitress and the restaurant were profiting from a “fraud” and “scam.”

Watch the report:


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