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Christian Lezzil: Winner

2013 Coverboy of the Year

Coverboy: Christian

Coverboy: Christian

(Photo by Julian Vankim)

Lezzil wasn’t a natural stripper. For one thing the man born Eddie Generazio in Yorktown, Va., near Williamsburg, calls himself an intense introvert. ”I didn’t like all the attention sometimes,” he says about dancing naked. ”I don’t see myself as too attractive, so I couldn’t revel in it.”

Lezzil’s biggest claim to fame while growing up was being part of an ”experimental rock band,” one that truly experimented with genre and performance. ”We were the weirdest guys in high school,” Lezzil says of his bandmates in Black Clover. A singer and drummer, Lezzil was every bit as focused on making a spectacle of himself then as now. In addition to playing instruments, ”We would put on puppet shows, with Care Bears and whatnot.” The ”whatnot” including balloons. ”It was just a real mess. We got a big kick out of it.” The band recently regrouped and will release a new album on Amazon this month with the winking title We Used to Have a Band. Lezzil says he’s unsure if they’ll tour in support — with or without puppets and balloons.

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