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Christian Lezzil: Winner

2013 Coverboy of the Year

Coverboy: Christian

Coverboy: Christian

(Photo by Julian Vankim)

For now, Lezzil isn’t really ready to be moved romantically, much less domestically. ”I’ve always been running from a domestic life,” he says, ”because I’ve always been traveling and I’ve always been doing weird things, like picking up stripper jobs.” Lezzil, who has a pug named Gilbert back home, has also ”raised” a ”drag daughter,” Rumor Millz Lezzil, whom he began fostering after catching her at an amateur drag contest. ”I don’t know anything about drag,” he says. ”I just give her advice about performances and stuff like that. I’m just really proud of the way that she’s taken that little bit of support that I gave her from the onset and turned it into her own career.”

”I think eventually my mind will be calmed,” Lezzil says, ”and I’ll be okay with having a normal domestic life and a real job that gives constant income. And I could have a dog that isn’t at my parents’ house.”

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