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Jared Lee: 2nd Runner-Up

2013 Coverboy of the Year

Coverboy: Jared

Coverboy: Jared

(Photo by Julian Vankim)

“Getting back to my artwork was one of my biggest triumphs,” he says of his long-term plan to return to the Big Apple, where he once did a four-month internship. “I needed incentive to get back to it, because I had become complacent. I’d done well for myself and didn’t want for anything, but I wasn’t challenging myself.”

While he saves up money for his planned move, Jared can be spotted bartending at Baltimore’s Grand Central nightclub on weekends. A self-described “foodie” who abandoned his microwave to stop it from “nuking” the nutritional value out of his food, Jared’s ideal first date would be going out to eat and enjoying an engaging conversation about music, art or movies.

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