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Gay servicemembers in drag fundraiser, featured in Stars & Stripes

“This has been a complete surprise. Honestly, we were doing this for a fundraiser to raise money for our organization. We didn’t think there was much of a desire for an activity like this on the island, but it has actually blown up. We were hoping to sell 75 tickets to get some lesson-learned activities for different shows in the future. But, we ended up selling 400 tickets in 10 days.”

Navy Lt. Marissa Green of OutServe-SLDN Okinawa remarking on a “variety show” fundraiser that featured “six servicemembers — gay, lesbian and straight,” performing in drag. Stars and Stripes reports that these men and women “may have been the first to take to stage and perform as drag queens on a military installation in support of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender troops,” however, there was an agreement “to avoid using the term ‘drag show.'”Stars and Stripes Kadena Air Base Drag fundraiser

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