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Franklin Graham calls for boycott against pro-LGBT companies

Accuses gay and lesbian community and others of promoting "moral decay"

“This is one way we as Christians can speak out — we have the power of choice. Let’s just stop doing business with those who promote sin and stand against Almighty God’s laws and His standards.”

Franklin Graham

— Rev. Franklin Graham, the noted evangelist and a prominent figure in the U.S. “culture wars” in a Facebook post musing about how Christians can “fight the tide of moral decay being crammed down our throats by big business, the media and the gay & lesbian community.”

The CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Graham recently announced a decision to move the association’s bank accounts from Wells Fargo due to a recent commercial by the company featuring a lesbian couple adopting a deaf child. The reverend called on Christians to avoid doing business with other companies that support or promote LGBT rights, such as Tiffany’s, which he called out for advertising wedding rings for gay couples. “Maybe if enough of us do this, it will get their attention,” he said.

Graham is no stranger to the LGBT community, as he was one of the more prominent supporters of 2012’s Amendment One, which banned same-sex marriage in his native North Carolina. In another post to Facebook earlier this month, he also opined about the upcoming Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality. “A decision in favor of same-sex marriage would dramatically and fundamentally alter the moral fabric of our nation and the future of the American family,” he said. “Join me in praying for the court, that their decision will be pleasing to Almighty God.”

Image credit: Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

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