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Gay imam likens Trump’s Muslim comments to Third Reich

Daayiee Abdullah accuses presidential contender of being "shallow" and appealing to bigots

On Monday, Donald Trump’s campaign issued a press release calling for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” Trump’s campaign confirmed that the ban would apply not just to Muslim foreigners but even those seeking to visit the United States as tourists. The Republican presidential candidate told FOX News his proposed ban would not apply to Muslims currently living in the country.

“Donald Trump’s message of being a blowhard and bowing to any of the bigots in this country shows how shallow he is,” Daiyee Abdullah, a local imam from Washington told Metro Weekly. “He has very little substance to what he says, and when questioned, he avoids responding with any kind of reasonable answer. So it is my prayer that the majority of Americans ignore him, and if they don’t, we may see the likes of the Third Reich again.”

When Abdullah heard Trump’s latest comments on Muslims, he felt as though he had “hit the trifecta.”

“Being a black male, being gay, and being Muslim — all three of them aren’t happy state of being in America today,” he says. “It didn’t make me feel unusual. It just made me feel that I need to scrutinize what he says more thoroughly, and speak on it.”

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