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Watch: Time-Lapse Video of Snowzilla storming D.C.

Snowzilla brought more than two feet of snow to the greater Washington area. We caught the event using time-lapse video.

Blizzard of 2016Jonas, the blizzard of 2016, brought more than two feet of snow to the greater Washington area. As we were snowbound, we seized on the opportunity to capture “Snowzilla,” from start to finish, in all its snow-dumping glory using the wonders of time-lapse photography. The following videos, shot on a Nexus 6P using the app Framelapse, show a bird’s eye view of a small stretch of Connecticut Avenue in D.C.’s Woodley Park neighborhood. Keep an occasional eye on the apartment complex across the street, where snow-shovelers engaged in a fruitless battle to keep the entryway clear.

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