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Caitlyn Jenner appears on Sports Illustrated cover

Olympic champion, Caitlyn Jenner, reflects on her past and finds peace with her struggles in an interview with Sports Illustrated

Photo: Sports Illustrated

Photo: Sports Illustrated

“I loved Bruce. I still love him today.”

–Caitlyn Jenner speaking with Sports Illustrated. Forty years after her triumph at the 1976 Olympics, Caitlyn Jenner wears her gold medal once again, appearing on the cover of the latest issue of Sports Illustrated.

Her appearance commemorates the anniversary of her history-making victory in the decathlon, but also highlights her accomplishments since her transition. Jenner told the magazine that her time as an athlete was an important part of her journey as a trans woman.

“I’m very proud of that part of my life. And it’s not like I just want to throw it out. It’s part of who I am,” she said. “What I’m dealing with now, this is about who you are as a human being.”

While Jenner admits that the decathlon offered her the “perfect distraction” from her internal battle with her identity, she says she appreciates how the fame from her Olympic victory has allowed her be a public figure in the trans community. Even more, Jenner recognizes how Bruce’s accomplishments paved the path for her to live happily as Caitlyn.

“I loved Bruce. I still love him today. I like what he did and the way he set an example for hard work and dedication,” she said. “But this woman was living inside me, all my life, and it reached the point where I had to let her live and put Bruce inside. And I am happier, these last 12 months, than I’ve ever been in my life.”

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