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Britain’s Prince Harry takes HIV test live on Facebook

British Royal wants to make more people feel comfortable getting testing for HIV

Prince Harry receives an HIV test - Photo: The Royal Family / Facebook

Prince Harry receives an HIV test – Photo: The Royal Family / Facebook

“Whether you’re a man, woman, gay, straight, black, white, whatever — even ginger — why wouldn’t you come and have a test?”

–Britain’s Prince Harry, speaking in a Facebook Live video, showing others how quick and easy it is to get tested for HIV (video below).

In the video, Harry — who is fifth in line to the throne — receives an HIV test at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital in London. The health advisor administers the finger prick test and discusses the implications of testing positive with Harry. The test ultimately comes back negative.

“What you’ve proved today is it’s important for everybody to come and do this,” said the advisor. The CDC currently estimates that around 13% of Americans living with the virus are unaware of their status.

“Prince Harry believes until everyone feels relaxed about taking HIV tests — whether from high risk groups or not — then tackling the stigma and fear surrounding HIV testing will continue to allow the virus to win,” a separate Facebook post reads. Harry’s mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, is widely credited with helping remove some of the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS in Britain, after she was photographed interacting with people who had the virus.

“Prince Harry’s decision to take an HIV test, live on social media, is a groundbreaking moment in the fight against HIV,” Ian Green, Chief Executive of Terrence Higgins Trust, a UK-based HIV charity, said in a statement. “ot only does it show His Royal Highness’s genuine and personal commitment to tackling the HIV epidemic, it will amplify a message to millions all over the world: testing for HIV is easy, quick and nothing to be feared.”

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