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Facebook includes LGBTQ metrics in diversity report

Facebook will start to track the number of LGBTQ people working for the company

Photo: LPS.1 / Wiki Commons

Photo: LPS.1 / Wiki Commons

“We are proud to support the LGBTQ community through our policies.”

Maxine Williams, Facebook’s Global Director of Diversity, in the company’s diversity report.

Earlier this month Facebook released their workplace diversity statistical report and have now started to include LGBTQ identities in their measures. Of the 61% of employees who responded, 7% identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or asexual.

Facebook also evaluated their staff along the more traditional metrics, including gender and race. They found that, overall, more than twice as many men work for the company than women and the gap widens when looking specifically at tech jobs, with 83% filled by men. Racial diversity also appears to be scarce in tech positions, as 52% of employees are white, 38% are Asian, 4% are Hispanic, and 2% are Black.

Facebook has come under criticism before for their lack of diversity, with many arguing that the company isn’t doing enough to find qualified talent. Facebook’s latest initiative to include sexual orientation and gender identity in their measure of diversity will hopefully open the door for greater representation of LGBTQ individuals in the workplace.

“We still have a long way to go, but as we continue to strive for greater change, we are encouraged by positive hiring trends,” Williams said. “Diversity comes in many forms, and we want to take a moment to highlight the vibrant LGBTQ community here at Facebook.”

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