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You have to see Donald Trump’s gay Twitter parody

Gay Trump rages at all the celebrities who wouldn't come to his convention -- and it's incredible

Trump (Credit: Gage Skidmore, via Wikimedia Commons).

Trump (Credit: Gage Skidmore, via Wikimedia Commons).

Watch out, Twitter. There’s a new account that’s letting loose on all aspects of pop culture, and he’s not holding anything back.

Donald Gay Trump (@DonaldJGayTrump) is the perfect parody account, written in a similar tone and style to the actual Trump’s Twitter feed, but from a gay perspective. According to The Daily Dot, the account was created by Matt Rogers, a gay comedian and Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre performer.

“A friend of mine said that Trump was probably pissed when he saw all the ‘good celebrities’ at the DNC,” says Rogers. “And that got me thinking about what if Donald Trump was just so mad and insecure that Katy Perry wouldn’t sing at his party. And then it spun off into gay land.”

As evidenced from his tweets, Donald Gay Trump isn’t afraid to tell celebrities what he thinks of them.

The same applies to the “liberal media.”

He has an…ahem…interesting take on his political running mate.

And he’s pretty confident about how he’ll change America for the better.

Rogers has joked that the tweets for Donald Gay Trump are easy to write “because he’s on a third-grade reading level and I am a deep well of gayness.”

“What’s funny to me is not what Donald Trump says,” said Rogers. “What’s funny to me is that he’s incapable of expressing himself like an adult.

“There’s a lack of ingenuity in his real Twitter, but for some reason you get the sense that if this was a gay man, if Trump was gay, it would feel different,” adds Rogers. “Less insane, more passionate.”

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