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DC Eagle’s Eagle Wings Charity Auction

Whitman Walker Health is the beneficiary of this year's Eagle Wings Charity Auction

DistriktC at the DC Eagle

DistriktC at the DC Eagle

Time to hand in your old leather and latex gear: The DC Eagle is currently accepting donations for its annual Eagle Wings Charity Auction.

Held annually to raise money for Mr. DC Eagle’s charity of choice, the auction coincides with the DC Eagle’s 45th anniversary. This year, proceeds benefit Whitman-Walker Health’s HIV education and outreach programs. Prior beneficiaries have included Metro TeenAIDS, Pets-DC and Grandma’s House.

“There’s generally an extraordinary bargain every year,” says Peter Lloyd, co-owner of the DC Eagle. “Like an unbelievable bargain, where a $700 pair of pants will go for $75.”

Lloyd expects auctioneer Jo Arnone to keep the atmosphere upbeat and lively. “Jo has done big auctions in New York,” he says. “She’s really quite wonderful. She’s very cajoling. She could make me pay for the pocket lint in my own pocket.”

The Eagle Wings Charity Auction will take place from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. on Friday, Nov. 18 at the DC Eagle, 3701 Benning Rd. NE. Visit

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