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Voicing Opinions: The Results of Metro Weekly’s 2016 Election Survey

What our election survey respondents had to say about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Who are you voting for?


Excerpts from Metro Weekly’s Online Election Survey. Comments have been edited for length and clarity.

Len Griffith
82, West Va., Gay, Democrat
Voting for Hillary Clinton

She is no worse or better than any politician. However she does understand how to get things done as president, whereas Trump has no idea. I think this whole thing started as a self promotion to improve his “brand” and he never thought he would get this far. She has conducted herself in the election with sanity and grace. Not taken Trump’s bait to sling dirt at every breath. She has even resisted pointing out that damn near everyone in congress uses their personal email on occasion.

Most people do not read news or reports, so they take what is fed to them on TV as the truth. Trump has demonstrated his ignorance by claims that are not true in fact. He has planted seeds of doubt in the country. That will not go away.

Dan Kaufman
51, Virginia, Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

She’s thoughtful and intelligent, and understands that words matter. Because she’s a woman, I believe she’s held to a much different standard. Sexism and misogyny are definitely at play when she’s blamed for her husband’s mistakes. No human could hope to do what she’s done in 30 years, under such scrutiny, and not have made some mistakes along the way. But I believe good intentions drive her.

Donald Trump is entertaining to a point, but at the end of the day, the world doesn’t want to be wondering what he meant when he said something outrageous. Again. For the fourth time that week.

Steve P.
34, Maryland, Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

Trumpism is here to stay, and the concerns of those who are a part of that movement must be addressed by the next administration.

Philip Pannell
66, D.C., Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

She is the most qualified candidate. And I want to see a woman president.

John Guggenmos
50, D.C., Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

She’s the most qualified and smartest candidate, and I’m proud to be supporting her — not as the lesser of two evils but as the best candidate for our country.

He’s a bullshit artist, has no interest in learning issues, is a poor man’s idea of what a rich man is, is all bluster, when you listen to him speak you are fundamentally hearing the way he thinks. You are hearing him think out loud — and it’s frightening. He strings the random thoughts together, repeats them three times, not a bit of it intelligent. He wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him. It makes him a bullshit artist.

Paul Weeks
66, Arizona, Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

She’s a good person down deep. She has made mistakes and I believe she is a little gunshy about being up front all the time. No wonder, as the GOP has been portraying her as evil for so many years.

He lies at will and never accepts blame or responsibility. The GOP is reaping the results of its actions, especially over the last seven years. They have set new low standards that have many of us worried about the future. The possibility of armed polling place watchers and the threat of riots following the election further completes our [nation’s] slide. Time for new parties to return us back to civil discourse and work for what’s best for the country. I fear this will get a lot worse before getting better.

Christian Barber
30, Virginia, Bisexual, Independent
Voting for Clinton

Trump has shown that he is like a 16-year-old on Twitter.

Frank C.
60, Virginia, Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

She has been through hell for years, and she’s still standing. She never quits. Look at his record. He is one of the persons most responsible for the failure of gambling in Atlantic City. He is a phony and a liar. And those are his best characteristics.


Mike Bauer
60, Arkansas, Gay, Independent
Voting for Jill Stein

Gay issues have been erased from the national consciousness on purpose. As a result, sexual orientation will soon become irrelevant. I know for a fact that all life forms are related. What happens to one, happens to all. You cannot diminish one life without diminishing your own. When you work to improve the quality of life for one person, you succeed in improving the quality of life for others as well. There are no real boundaries. We are all one.

Mark Fischer
67, D.C., Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

Trump has drawn out and “normalized” hatred, racism, and bigotry. It was always there, but Trump has empowered these people and that has poisoned the national dialogue. It will take time to counter that harm. On the other hand, bringing them to the surface may advance a much-needed dialogue by disproving the “post-racial” mythology.

55, New York, Straight, Republican
Voting for Donald Trump

She lies. She is in this for herself and her rich cronies. Mr. Trump is for all Americans. He came clean on his mistakes. She has yet to apologize for all of her crimes, which she still lies about.

56, Maryland, Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

The election has demonstrated how someone so unqualified and unfit to be president [as Trump] can rise to be a major party’s candidate for president in the general election.


Craig Howell
70, D.C., Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

He’s utterly delusional, dangerously so. He scapegoats minorities and threatens to silence, if not jail, his opponents in the press and in both major parties. This is the closest we’ve ever come to electing a fascist as President. Trump has unleashed dark forces he can’t possibly control even if he wanted to. He is the anti-George Washington, if not the Antichrist.

Edward Horvath
65, D.C., Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

Trump’s only consistency is inconsistency. A total bully.

55, D.C., Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

Given any of the 15 choices for president proposed by the Republicans, Clinton is the still the best qualified to be President. She’s acted as Secretary of State and knows what it takes to work with and rally against other leaders. She is respected by them and is a positive force for our country.

I honestly hope this causes us to have a six-party system: Evangelicals/Nationalists, Tea Party, Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and the Green Party. Those are the sides people seem to have been drawn to and should be allowed to follow. It’s time.

Bruce Murrie
71, D.C., Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

I view her as a person who cares for ordinary people and who will be an effective, practical politician. She is very bright, capable, and has an unparalleled resume for the job. She had proven herself to be very tough and very determined. She has a terrible tendency to try to conceal things embarrassing to her, but I think she is fundamentally honest. I think Donald Trump’s underlying insecurity as a man, his complete disregard for truth and falsity of facts, and his inability to sustain serious attention or interest in substantive issues make him unable even to know what “honest” means!


Curt Publiv
65, Pennsylvania, Gay, Republican
Voting for Trump

Time for someone else besides the same three families running the government for forty years. Trump has balls and will take on other countries and not bow to them and kiss their ass. He has energy and guts. I want a president that isn’t corrupt and lying all the time and isn’t a pathological thief. Besides that, Hillary is unfit to be anything in government. Both she and Bill should both be in jail. The system is rigged against Trump because the establishment is deathly afraid he’ll kick their ass and knock them out of power. Trump is an outsider — that’s what we need.

Willem P.
65, Virginia, Gay, Independent
Voting for Clinton

Hillary is the least objectionable, the lesser of all evils. Trump is a ridiculous, narcissistic buffoon. The other two don’t count.

Andrew Eves
50, Virginia, Gay, Independent
Voting for Trump

Mr. Trump has many personality traits that are not good. He is at his core an honest man, but he does like to exaggerate a lot.

Marshall Kindy
73, Michigan, Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

She has clearly demonstrated appropriate temperament throughout her long career, as well as during the campaign. She is calm, thoughtful and steady, unlike her “uneven” opponent.

Matthew D.
49, Maryland, Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

My intuition still tells me he’s campaigning to become the President of the United States for all the wrong reasons. He’s proven himself to be a brash, shady, selfish businessman. Why should we believe he’d be any different as President?


Samuel Croft
68, D.C., Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

I support her for her progressive platform and because she is the most qualified. My main fear is that Trump — I saw this before any media or social media was willing to address his dictator/NAZI leanings — pushing an agenda that is the birth of another NAZI-type movement that endangers the world and everyone’s freedom.

Hillary acts and reacts like an adult. We can not have a person in office that reacts on his whims within moments. Trump is dangerous for the world. I can’t wait until it’s over, and I ask my Angels every day to make sure that Hillary wins for the sake of our country, the world, and everyone in it.

Dee Johnson
33, Florida, Bisexual, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

Trump’s a good comedian but a bad politician.

Craig Ruskin
46, D.C., Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

He’s patently narcissistic, which means that nothing that comes out of his mouth has a shred of truth.

59, Virginia, Independent
Voting for Clinton

Our elected leaders should be dignified, articulate, intellectual. Our children should be able to look up to them. This election has brought us closer to making the storyline of the Idiocracy film appear to be non-fiction. (Life is imitating art!) We won’t be able to look back on this and laugh. I hope this crazy election doesn’t mean that the bar will be set lower for future.


DC Voter
49, D.C., Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

Over the course of her career, Clinton has publicly demonstrated her leadership skills, her skills in being an effective politician and her embrace for diversity. The three debates revealed how prepared she is for tough questions and tough situations. She grew stronger with each debate performance and came away the clear winner from each debate.

Trump has not demonstrated a capacity nor an interest in the complexities of our constitution, our governing structures, our relationships to and with the world, and our history. He consistently and unapologetically lies or dramatically distorts facts and truths. He is fundamentally one of the most misleading and dishonest candidates for our presidency that I have ever seen or read about. He lives in a social/news/media bubble that has very little connection to facts, truth or reality.

Racism is now fashionable. Hate is now fashionable. Being overtly anti-Muslim is now acceptable. Bullying your political/social/media opponents are now acceptable forms of debate and engagement. The Trump campaign has created a political movement that is based in white supremacy and anti-muslim and anti-gay [rhetoric], and misogyny. He has given them credibility and a platform. He wants to turn this movement into his fascist worldview and political system. I hope he is resoundingly defeated. We need to send a message to his movement that these behaviors and actions cannot live in our Democracy.

36, Maryland, Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

She’s respected as a leader the world over. She won’t get into Twitter feuds with world leaders.

35, Straight, Independent
Voting for Stein

The Democrats cheated the honest candidate out of the nomination in favor of a congenital liar, and the Republicans’ toxic politics have resulted in their nominating a cartoon character.

Gerard S.
51, Florida, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

I think if anyone’s every word and deed were scrutinized for 30 years, we’d all look bad. I am most frightened of all the people who support Trump. I have lost friends over this election. Seeing some people’s true colors is sickening.

Steve R.
48, California, Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

He lives in a world of his own where reality doesn’t matter.

Charles Hall
50, Virginia, Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

She is the most qualified candidate, and has trained most of her adult life for this moment. Also, I would not trust any of the other candidates to nominate a Supreme Court justice who would protect my rights. Watching her during the debates and at the Congressional hearings about Benghazi and her emails, I saw how Hillary behaves under stress, and THAT is the finger I want on the nuclear button, not Orange Cheesus.


Chris Thorne
50, Maryland, Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

Donald Trump has taken this to the gutter and Republicans just sat there and let him.

Barbara J.
60, Maryland, Straight, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

She is capable. She is experienced. She appears to be kind. She is liked by those who know her well. She has a history of supporting causes I believe in. She has weathered decades of lies and harassment by Republicans with grace and strength. She is not afraid to take a stand for marginalized citizens.

This election has exposed our culture’s problems with women — the objectification of attractive women, the marginalization of older and less attractive women, the fear of intelligent, powerful women. All make us look pretty bad.

21, Wisconsin, Gay, Green Party
Voting for Stein

Our system has been damaged. The rigging of the Democratic primaries by leadership in the DNC and the Clinton campaign has showed the primaries are a sham. Donald Trump’s racist, homophobic and xenophobic attacks have damaged intercommunity relations even more. We, as a nation, refuse to face the real issues at hand and are feared into voting for lesser evil candidates.

Regardless of who wins the election in November, the following is clear — right-wing nationalism is on the rise. It take more than just an election defeat to stomp out this hate. It starts in the classroom by teaching love over hate, and that differences can be a good thing.

Clinton Sorzano
35, Maryland, Bisexual, Independent
Voting for Clinton

This is what Democracy is about. Opposing sides sharing their views, sometimes not in the most civil of ways. The beauty of Democracy is the freedom to share your views.


Steve Nanney
50, Virginia, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

He is the most evil, despicable [person] on the planet. The only time this creature has been honest is when he says he will use torture and when he said he didn’t know he was being recorded and admitted to sexually assaulting women. In my prayers I have changed the “Our Father” from “deliver us from evil” to “deliver us from Donald Trump.” I studied World War II. If this country elects a Hitler as president, I don’t believe there is any hope.

Kate Branch
64, Alabama, Lesbian, Independent
Voting for Clinton

Considering how the press and the Republicans have treated Hillary Clinton over the last quarter century, I can not condemn her for her penance for giving out as little information as possible. That does not make her dishonest.

Shawn Smith Jones
32, Iowa, Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

Her policies will further what Obama has already done. Her stance on women’s rights, gay rights, equality for everyone are in line with my beliefs. Also, her life’s work for bettering the lives of children and strong political background as a First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State makes her the best to take on the position of POTUS!

45, D.C., Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

She’s the most qualified candidate America has ever seen, and her platform the most progressive.



Johnathon Cissom
36, Mississippi, Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

She’s the right person for the job. She wants to expand the rights of minorities, which is the correct thing to do. Her tax, environment, immigration, and job plans are everything that I agree with. She’s calm in the face of distress. She gathers all the facts before making a big decision.

37, D.C., Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

Because it’s been proven he lies, lies, lies. And when he’s not lying, he’s asleep.

David W.
37, West Va., Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

After twenty-three years and a ton of money wasted on investigations, she’s either the best damn criminal in the world or she’s been telling the truth all along, which means the GOP has been wasting taxpayer dollars in smear campaigns.

Christopher B.
24, Texas, Gay, Independent
Voting for Clinton

It is clear that Trump only wants to be President because he thinks he is going to have a lot of power. The rhetoric has made us dislike and distrust our neighbors. We now assume that everyone who believes certain things are bad people.

55, Massachusetts, Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

Look at the facts instead of FOX News. She’s worked her butt off for the people her entire career. My favorite Donald Trump ad is when he slams her for being a thirty-year politician. Yes, she’s been a thirty-year advocate for people. She’s made changes to women’s rights, for the LGBT community, for the middle class.

42, D.C., Gay, Independent
Voting for Clinton

Let’s face it, until a multi-party system is actually viable in this country, a vote for a third party candidate is almost meaningless.

Malcolm Ewing
52, D.C., Gay, Independent
Write-in for Condoleeza Rice

Trump is like a toxic waste dump: he contaminates everything with which he comes into contact. His noxious campaign has also legitimized and encouraged violent, racist, extremist elements of the lunatic fringe to become more active, to spew their venomous bile more freely, and to feel aggrieved if/when they lose, because the system is supposedly “rigged” against them. And most GOP leaders and elected officials are forever stained by their failure to oppose Trump from the outset.

The Revolution was a huge mistake. We’d be so much better off with Canada’s parliamentary democracy, under the gracious sovereignty of Her Majesty The Queen! And, at the moment, the progressive premiership of Justin Trudeau.

Patrick Peters
63, Virginia, Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

She has been open with taxes and her life has been under the microscope. The emails have been investigated. Thirty-three thousand emails is nothing. How many emails have you deleted?

21, Straight, Independent
Voting for Trump

Hillary is part of the same political institution that has been in charge of the country since I have been alive. They promise they will do all these wonderful things for our country and at the end of their presidency we are either the same or worse than we were before. She has tons of complaints about how unfair taxes are and how the middle class is getting destroyed and she has done nothing about it. Maybe Trump will force the parties to put decent candidates up for president next time around.

If Donald Trump can establish and manage a multinational company then he can run the country effectively. I do not think that Hillary could command the respect from foreign leaders that Trump will. I like the idea that Trump would seek to work with Russia, something that I do not believe that Hillary would try. I completely disagree with Donald Trump’s social policies, and overall I believe he is immature, but he is the lesser of the two evils.

61, New York, Lesbian, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

She is brilliant, knows the issues, does her homework, and really cares deeply for people. While I do not agree with all her positions, I think she is fundamentally an honest person.

Tom Kelly
53, D.C., Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

She doesn’t lose it every time somebody criticizes her. Trump is likely to end a twitter rant by using the nuclear codes.

Kelly K.
32, Virginia, Lesbian, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

Donald Trump has behaved terribly in front of the nation and has been a horrific role model. The hate that he has spewed has encouraged others to express similar hateful views, which previously common sense would have kept under wraps in most cases.

Carlos Montague
50, Maryland, Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

It only matters to be what the person will do in the office. I don’t care about the past so much as the future.

Frank H.
45, D.C., Gay, Independent
Voting for Clinton

He is a former TV personality that knows how to create drama to sell a show. I cannot trust a person that talks so poorly about China when his entire clothing line was produced there.

35, North Carolina, Straight, Independent
Voting for Clinton

These are the worst choices of candidates ever. A poker tournament could produce better candidates than all of the fools running.


68, D.C., Gay, Independent
Voting for Clinton

Civility in political discourse? Out the window. The advent of white supremacists, anti-Semitics, immigrant and minority bashers — okay, always there. But now? Front and center. Facts and honesty? Trump has set a new low. How the political parties and the electorate respond to this unprecedented situation in recent history (there’s abundant evidence that past elections were equally venomous) is the question of the day.

Eric Crossley
58, Maryland, Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

To have a serial liar like Trump one step from the Oval Office is sickening. The world looks at us and wonders what in the hell is the matter with us. I wonder that, too.

28, North Carolina, Bisexual, Independent
Voting for Clinton

Both minor candidates have no solid plans when asked about details of their policies, and the thought of a stereotypical Orangutan — from the bright orange coloring to the lack of brain cells — being president of the free world is enough to terrify me into voting for Hillary. Trump justifies, exemplifies and legitimizes everything that is wrong with this world. I despise everything the Clinton family are, but the lowering of standards to Donald Trump is enough to vote for anything else.


52, D.C., Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

We’ve been on a path toward utter polarization — not just in our government, but amongst our people — since (in my opinion) the weeks and months after 9/11. Donald Trump has energized and given voice to a segment of our population that’s angry, not in a constructive way, but in a way that believes the solution is to blow everything up. That segment isn’t going anywhere, and both parties are going to be dealing with the consequences of that for a long time.

Christopher Brush
55, Maryland, Gay, Independent
Voting for Clinton

She got her political chops during the information age and has recognized that, with so much of what she says being instantly available, she can only stray a tiny bit off facts before she’ll be judged harshly for lying. Spin that might have passed muster thirty years ago would be all over social media in short order.

Thomas Corbin
73, Virginia, Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

The media’s courting of one candidate — Trump — as entertainment has cheapened political coverage all in the name of ratings. There has been little challenge to the Trump lies by the media.

I have voted in every Presidential election since 1964 and I have never seen any party put forth such an unqualified candidate as Donald Trump. Even Barry Goldwater deserved respect even though his policies were anathema. But, in all honesty, the Republican Party since Godfather Reagan created Trump, so the Party has reaped what it has sown. America does not deserve this monster. He has unleashed a toxicity that’s not going to go away anytime soon.

Matthew S.
25, D.C., Gay, Independent

At this point Hillary is a shoo-in, so I may just not vote for either candidate for president so that Hillary has less of a mandate.

Hortense Hunter Moore
60, D.C., Bisexual, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

While I think there are issues with Hillary, she is qualified to lead this country. Donald Trump has no interest in the intricacies of the federal government, he just wants to be king.


Mike Wendt
32, D.C., Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

Those who hold political office are challenged to make very complicated decisions, the details of which “we” in the public probably never see. Sometimes there is no easy answer. And sometimes people, being people, make bad decisions. I think Hillary Clinton has a long track record of doing the right thing, despite some very public “bad decisions” that she’s paying for now.

61, Virginia, Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

The segment of the population that is drawn by Trump’s campaign has little ability to assess statements for truth or significance, and the media, by lavishing attention on Trump, mostly without evaluating him until very recently, has deepened those tendencies. He has emboldened those who express prejudice.

It took a while to realize that I was thinking about Trump — about his awfulness — more than I should. He fascinated and horrified me in part due to my personal experiences of sexual abuse — he woke up many traumatic memories of my own abuser. I believe many people have had similar experiences of re-traumatization.

42, Virginia, Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

Clinton will keep the ship afloat and steer it accordingly. With Trump, our country will be like the Titanic, destined for an iceberg and a icy ending.

Jayne M.
69, D.C., Lesbian, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

Trump is a narcissist and a bully, and his attitudes and treatment of women and people of color is appalling. He tells lie after lie and then lies about the lies he has told.

Hillary, despite decades of investigations none of which have yielded information that she did anything wrong, still manages to be “the only grown up in the room,” with remarkable ability to weather all the attacks and still keep going focused on what is good for the country.

Andrew N.
52, Maryland, Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

The right — and I sound like a conspiracy theorist — has attacked “government” for years as they try to gain power and run the government. Now that even that is failing, they are attacking the very foundations of democracy. That’s not good. Polls show more people don’t think democracy is needed. And that is awful.

James Streeter
63, Arizona, Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

He demonstrates that he will play any game to justify his cause and will win at any cost. Money and power corrupt almost anyone. Hillary came from a humble background. Donald came from money. Why people fall for this man is beyond me, and shame on Christians who support him.

Jen Brunenkant
60, Maryland, Straight, Independent
Voting for Clinton

She has the experience needed in dealing with foreign governments and appears to have a strong sense of the social needs of this country. She is analytical and gathers the necessary information to make informed decisions without falling into the trap of analysis paralysis. She is bright, and I believes she truly cares.

Jason Peaco
57, D.C., Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

Trump and the Republicans have played to the lowest denominator. They have spun conspiracy theories out of thin air. Such as, there is massive voter fraud, when it has been shown there is no such thing, and that the election is rigged. They seem incapable of accepting the fact that it would be possible for Trump to lose because he is a terrible, awful candidate.


Skip Roberts
71, D.C., Gay, Democratic Socialist
Voting for Clinton

There are about twenty to thirty million that believe that the election was stolen and that our future governments are illegit. They also believe that it’s acceptable to be openly racist and homophobic and that hate speech and threats are normal discourse.

Mike P.
22, Ohio, Gay, Republican
Voting for Trump

Donald Trump is what we need right now — a big, brash, billionaire with a take no prisoners attitude. We don’t need another D.C., pay-to-play relic. DJT shoots from the hip. Most of his trouble in this election stems from honesty — if he lied more he would win in a walk.

We need a revolution. No matter who wins, Trump has changed politics in the U.S. He has gutted old line Republicans, and thank God. It was time.


56, Virginia, Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

She’s clearly better qualified. Her opponent is a sexist, misogynistic, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, mentally unstable psychopath without any qualifications. That a racist swine could win the nomination of a major political party is demonstrative of a very damaged system. This is about our very lives. If Trump wins, we’ll have to start packing for the concentration camps.

Stephen Kurtzke
25, Virginia, Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

Look, she’s got some issues. That’s why I supported Bernie in the primary, but she’s listened to a lot of what his supporters wanted and genuinely integrated those policies into her own platform. I respect that.

21, Louisiana, Gay, Republican
Voting for Evan McMullin

I lean to the right and Trump is unacceptable. If Louisiana was even remotely close I would vote for Clinton in a heartbeat. Since it is not, I feel as if it is acceptable to vote for a candidate more like myself.

49, Virginia, Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

Civility is critical to liberal democratic politics and once it is gone, it is hard to get back. I don’t trust any of the people running and I don’t trust politicians. When you are not kissing babies you are stealing their lollypops.

Andrew Dellorfano
24, Massachusetts, Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

Anyone who acts like the second coming of Hitler does not qualify as a President in my eyes.

Shawn Benson
38, Maryland, Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

This is an existential choice for who we are as a country. The white, male majority is falling out of power and Trump is the result.

Sarah T.
57, Iowa, Bisexual, Independent
Voting for Clinton

I think she will do less damage in the areas of LGBTQ rights and women’s issues than Trump. I identify more with Jill Stein’s positions, but she has no chance of winning and I don’t want to take away a vote against Trump.

Stephen D.
58, Florida, Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

Lies, lies, and more lies. He lies about the lies he’s told. He lies about lying about the lies he’s told.

53, Delaware, Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

Why would I support anyone else? She has the answers, the experience, the stamina and the work ethic we need! She’s worked for the public good all her adult life. Never has there been any PROOF of wrongdoing or charges filed against her. She’s endured the single greatest publicity campaign against her for thirty-plus years.

50, Virginia, Gay, Republican
Voting for McMullin

This election has created more division and hatred in the country. From Trump insulting and demeaning various minority groups to Clinton labeling Southern and rural whites deplorable and irredeemable. It is hard to see how the country survives much more of this hatred and intolerance from both sides.

Joseph Theissen
48, D.C., Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

One antidote for the election craziness is for the political media to return to doing real reporting, not simply repeating what is said on social media over and over. Ironically, the national political press was the most surprised that Trump and Trumpism gained some currency among lower income people in many states. Where is the general reporting about the impact of unleashed globalization and trade on regular blue collar workers and their communities?

28, Maryland, Gay
Voting for Clinton

She might be a nasty woman, but he’s a bad hombre! RIP Republican party.

Bernie Delia
60, D.C., Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

She is exceptionally well-qualified to become the next President of the United States. In addition, I agree with her stands on nearly every issue. She is steady as a rock. A smart woman with great judgment who is able to admit her mistakes. She treats people with decency and respect. She has been upfront and truthful. Most of the stories about her purported dishonesty are not grounded in fact, but are themselves distortions and falsehoods. When you fact-check her debate answers they are, for the most part, true.


Joey Salinas
33, Virginia, Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

This election has made a mockery of the democratic process. People need to understand and realize that we are not voting for the winner of some reality show contest or trivia game show. We are voting for someone who will be making serious decision that will affect our lives and the lives of millions in our country and throughout the world.

Marlene Cohen
59, D.C., Lesbian, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

I think that it will be very hard for the GOP to recover from this election. I don’t know what kind of party system will be left in its place. Maybe we will look more like a Parliamentary Government with one large party — the Dems — and many smaller parties making up the balance. I just don’t see a large Republican party like there has always been resurrecting itself from this election.

48, California, Straight, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

I have yet to see any compelling evidence that she is dishonest. There are plenty of people who point to rumors and innuendo but there doesn’t seem to be hard evidence. She cannot prove the negative. But if she was a man, she wouldn’t have to.

57, Tennessee, Gay, Independent
Voting for Trump

He speaks his mind, and doesn’t talk pandering to people to tell them what they should hear. Sure, he comes across as crass in doing so, but he’s not phony talking like a lifetime politician. And he’d tone it down as president.

31, Virginia, Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

I believe the Republican party is too obsessed with legislating laws based on Christianity. This country was founded upon the idea of the separation of Church and State, and the Republican party is heavily influenced by Christianity. I find this to be exactly what the Founding Fathers were afraid of happening when they drafted the Constitution. As for a third party vote — it’s just illogical. Like it or not, this country is not a Parliamentary system, we are a two party system.

This election has been more about catering to the Kardashian voters. Most debates were designed to grab viewers as opposed to really discussing differences on the issues. In other words, there was no substantive debate in this election. I firmly believe this election proves the movie Idiocracy is coming to fruition. I weep for the future of this country.

Tom Yates
62, Maryland, Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

A rabid squirrel would have a better temperament than the Donald.

Tony McNeal
53, D.C., Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

She has shown through the rigors of a very unfair campaign that she is not easily rattled. The sexist coverage of her by the media has been met with a steady hand, an even temper and a determination to plow through the muck and get the job done.

Just look at the way he has acted and behaved on the campaign trail. He lies with impunity and glee, and refuses to admit his deception even when confronted with evidence to the contrary. He is a disgusting, vile human being.

Imani Greene
43, Maryland, Straight, Independent
Voting for Clinton

Not a huge fan of Hillary, and don’t fully trust/like her. But she is (at least) predictable in her deceit. Trump, on the other hand is a bigot and a narcissist. I have no clue what he would do, but I envision it would be based on bigotry and narcissism. Far too big a gamble.

He’s a proven cheat, liar and an all around unscrupulous man, in business and at home. His nomination is proof that the United States is in shambles.

Samantha Leaf
39, D.C., Lesbian, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

I believe she is the best person for the job. Her politics align with my personal politics. I believe she will work across the aisle to the greatest degree possible. And I think she will work for the betterment of everyone in the U.S., including those who are marginalized. Bottom line: I like her, and I’m sick of being ashamed of that.

Kyle Rohen
31, Virginia, Queer, Independent
Voting for Clinton

Everyone is talking about November 9th. I’m looking forward to November 11th when everyone stops talking about how glad they are that the election is finally finished.

49, Virginia, Gay, Democrat
Voting for Clinton

It’s almost over. Get ready: election 2020 starts the very next day.

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