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Community Profile: Sis’tah Talk at the DC Center

Sis'Tah Talk provides a forum for transgender women to share stories, advice and experiences with one another

Shareese Moné

Shareese Moné

“After I was incarcerated, transitioning back into society was a lot harder for me,” says Shareese Moné, founder of The DC center’s newest group, Sis’tah Talk. “So I wanted to start a group for other trans girls that would address some of the issues that we go through in the course of a day.”

Originally, Moné had considered creating a “Bad Girls Club” for transgender women, particularly those who had been incarcerated. But her supervisor balked at the negative connotation surrounding the name.

“I was talking to one of my girlfriends,” she says, “and then I realized, ‘This is the group right here.’ So we named it Sis’tah Talk.”

The group has broadened its reach and scope since Moné devised the idea. For starters, it has extended an open invitation to cisgender women, although presently none are in the group. The group also serves as an open forum for transgender women of color to share their triumphs and sorrows with other women experiencing similar situations.

“[It’s] like the blueprint, the manual of being a girl,” says Moné. “Sis’tah Talk [is] about everything from your transitioning to your problems with your boyfriend to makeup tips — whatever you’re going through that day.”

Sis’Tah Talk meets the middle of each month at 7 p.m. at The DC Center, 2000 14th St. NW. The next meeting will be Dec. 15. For more information on the group and its 2017 meetings, follow The DC Center’s calendar listings at or contact Shareese Moné at

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