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Lawyer claims Pulse shooting cops had to “get tested for AIDS” because of all the blood

Liberty Counsel's Mat Staver made the comments on the "Faith and Freedom" radio show

Mat Staver

The lawyer of anti-marriage equality bigot Kim Davis has launched a horrendous attack on the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando.

Mat Staver, head of the anti-LGBT organization Liberty Counsel, appeared on the “Faith and Freedom” radio show with Holly Meade, where the pair asserted that the Pulse shooting wasn’t targeted at gay people.

Staver then went on to suggest that the officers who responded to the attack needed to “get tested for AIDS-related conditions” because of all the blood present in the aftermath.

According to RightWingWatch, Meade claimed that Omar Mateen, the shooter, targeted Pulse because he “was dealing with homosexual sin on his own behalf” and had nothing “to do with killing homosexuals at all.”

Staver then said it was “very clear” Mateen attacked the club due to his loyalty to ISIS. He also said that the attack was promoted as “the rainbow flag, it was an anti-gay issue.” He then called memorials in the wake of the attack “homosexual love-fests.”

However, Staver’s worst assertion dealt with the immediate aftermath of the shooting, as those police officers who helped saved the lives of dozens of LGBT people entered the nightclub for the first time.

“In regards to the Pulse nightclub,” he said, “as tragic as it is, some of these officers have no doubt gone through trauma as well because they were going through the Pulse nightclub, it was blood everywhere and, you know, they’re having to get tested for AIDS-related conditions because they’re literally walking in pools of blood.”

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