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Special one night only screening of Tickling Giants

Tickling Giants tells the story of the Egyptian Jon Stewart

A former heart surgeon, Bassem Youssef became known as the “Egyptian Jon Stewart” during the Arab Spring when he established Egypt’s first political satire show, using it to creatively protest his government and president abusing his power. Youssef’s show attracted a regular audience of 30 million people during its 2011-2014 run.

Written and directed by Sara Taksler, a senior producer at The Daily Show, Tickling Giants will screen locally with an exclusive recorded interview of Bassem by political satirist Samantha Bee.

Tuesday, March 21, at 7 p.m. Landmark’s Atlantic Plumbing Cinema, 807 V St. NW. Also Landmark’s Harbor East, 645 S. President St., Baltimore. Tickets are $15. Call 202-534-1964 (Atlantic Plumbing) or 410-244-6636 (Harbor East) or visit

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