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Two-Fisted Patty Lupone at the Baltimore Eagle

The Baltimore Eagle opens its next exhibition of erotic imagery

Two Fisted Patty Lupone — Yorick Puppy: Scott G. Brooks

Just in time for Baltimore Pride — in fact, as an early kickoff to the weekend — the Baltimore Eagle, the city’s swanky leather/fetish complex, opens its next exhibition of erotic imagery in the mezzanine of its second-floor Eagle Leathers shop, subtitled Immortalizing the Male Figure in Art.

Included in the show is regular Metro Weekly contributor Scott G. Brooks, as well as works by Nathanael Absher, Dale Alward, Grant Arnold Anderson, Russ Bloomquist, Scott Chapman, Damien Cheeks, Eric D’Alessandro, Tim Goeke, Jasjyot Singh Hans, Dorian Holliday, Doug Johnson, Jimmy Malone, Dave Marquardt and Ryan Thibeault.

Opening reception is Thursday, June 15, from 7 to 9 p.m. Runs to July 23. The Gallery at Baltimore Eagle, 2022 N. Charles St. Call 410-200-9858 or visit

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