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Clowning Around is an exhibition built around clowns in all their forms

Clowns are depicted in ways fun, playful, sadistic, comedic and tragic

Gordon Frank: The Human Clownipede

The subject of paintings and graphics for centuries, clowns are the focal point in the latest series of artworks by member artists at Del Ray Artisans.

Depicted in ways fun, playful, sadistic, comedic and tragic, the exhibit, curated by Gordon Frank and Zade Ramsey, speaks to those who see clowns as fanciful or sinister circus performers or as sympathetic — or just plain sad — hobo characters.

The opening reception is Friday, Aug. 4, from 7 to 9 p.m. Runs to Aug. 27. Del Ray Artisans Gallery, 2704 Mount Vernon Ave. Alexandria. Call 703-731-8802 or visit

Gordon Frank: Clowning Around

Zade Ramsey: Greed and Ignorance Bloom, When the Truth is Slandered

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