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DJ Kitty Glitter brings “happy music” from Down Under to Town

Catch the Aussie drag queen DJ on Saturday, Oct. 14


“I am a Leo. That’s my sign. So I knew I wanted to be a cat of some sort,” Kitty Glitter says. “At first Kitty Litter came to mind, but it was a little bit trashy. So I added the ‘g’ to make it a bit more glamorous. And it was a purr-fect fit.”

The name has served as a calling card for the Australian performer to grow far beyond initial intentions when creating Kitty Glitter twenty years ago.

“I was kind of bored with the drag queens around the scene in Sydney [and] the old-fashioned sort of drag style,” she says. “I came out with a very fresh look — instead of wearing a wig, I had a glitter motorbike helmet and wore a spacesuit. It was very futuristic.”

Prior to that, the man behind Glitter hadn’t really done much drag. “I was never really a feminine boy growing up. But I was known amongst my family as an entertainer. So it was a bit of a natural progression.”

The same is true for Glitter’s shift over the past decade to serving as a DJ at dance parties.

In fact, Glitter has become so popular as a drag-donning DJ that she’s “barely in Sydney these days.” She’s constantly spinning at clubs around the world, and will make her D.C. debut this Saturday, Oct. 14, at Town.

“People just go crazy when I’m playing,” she says. “They come up to me and say, ‘Oh, thank God you play vocals! Thank God you play happy music!’ It leaves me wondering, what are these other DJs playing?” –Doug Rule

DJ Kitty Glitter spins Saturday, Oct. 14, at Town Danceboutique, 2009 8th St. NW. Doors at 10 p.m. Cover is $15 until midnight, $12 after. Call 202-234-8696 or visit

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